Vintage Letter Heads of Some of History’s Greatest

Remember the good old days when you had to use a pen and paper to send someone a note? Did you have a fancy letter head or just go the old notebook paper route? For businesses and famous people, letter heads were a must and now these ancient artifacts can be perused for pleasure at The site was started by Shaun Usher who also runs Letters of Note and Lists of Note.

Letter Heads of the Famous Past

We are now past the days of long, hand-written letters, post marked with stamps you had to lick and sent with the care that said “this is a paper based expression of me.” But just how expressive can a small piece of paper be? In the case of these vintage letterheads, very. These personal designs of the past were a tangible expression of the person sending it, designed with the knowledge that soon it would be held in the hands of a friend or fan and possibly cherished for years to come. The letterheads we bring you here, found on the phenomenal and extensive site, include examples from entertainers, writers and even inventors, from Groucho Marx to Thomas Edison, all showing their distinctive choice of how to represent themselves.