Massive Model of Rivendell From The Hobbit and LOTR, Built with 200,000 LEGOs

When it comes to Middle-earth, there are few places more beautiful than Rivendell. Home of the elves, this magically lit outpost from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings could easily be paradise… even if it’s built out of LEGOs. Alice Finch recently teamed up with David Frank to create an insanely massive model of the place using around 200,000 LEGO pieces to complete!

The Golden Girls as Legos: A Must Have Collectors Edition for Every GG Fan

The Golden Girls Legos 1

Although The Golden Girls finished its last episode in 1992, it stays in our hearts forever and syndication has helped keep the younger generations in the loop on the 4 sassiest old ladies in sitcom history. For many of us who were alive for the original airing, it was during our youth, when playing with toys was our primary concern. Brent Benedetti brings two wonderful memories from that era together in this glorious Lego set of Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux, and Sophia Petrillo. The whole limited edition set can be yours if you check out his Etsy page. Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty will look down from heaven with smiles on their faces as you proudly display your new Lego set. With Christmas just around the corner, I can think of nothing better to get that die hard Golden Girls fan who has everything!

LEGO Brick “Sketches” of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

1 Chris McVeigh

A self-declared “professional geek”, Chris McVeigh never stopped playing with toys. He uses LEGOS in conjunction with his creative eye and photography skills to make fun, colorful “sketches” of some of the best pop culture characters of all time. In this series of LEGO Brick Sketches, McVeigh challenges himself to stick to a 12″x16″ brick canvas, which is a similar size to some of his friends’ miniature marker sketches. His first one was Wolverine and after receiving a very positive response from his Instagram and Facebook fans, he decided to keep going. While the LEGO creations are obviously not real sketches, McVeigh plays up this theme perfectly with little LEGO markers in the correct colors next to each portrait.

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Aldrin’s Earth-Mars Cycler In Lego Form

Buzz Aldrin has been working with engineers from Purdue University to transform his ideas for an Earth-Mars Cycler into reality. The astronaut predicts that by 2030 the first astronaut explorers will take missions to Mars lasting 5 years or longer to observe the planet, which would be followed by colonizers, permanent settlements, and eventually attempts to terraform the red planet and create a habitable Earth-like atmosphere. In 2005, Aldrin told Popular Mechanics, “The Cycler system alters the philosophy behind a Mars program. It makes possible the dream of regular flights to the Red Planet and a permanent human presence there. That’s the only way we’ll ever succeed in taking mankind’s next giant leap: a subway-in-the-sky between our planet and our future second home.” Lego aficionado Andrew Becraft has created his own rendition of the Aldrin Mars Cycler. See more at the

Kids Build Map of Japan Made From 1.8 Million Legos

Before you write this project off as another example of the multitude of huge Lego projects around the web, consider the unique way this wildly vertical map of Japan was made. In celebration of the block-based building systems 50th year, the company’s Japanese subsidiary sponsored a nation wide building project which saw the participation of over 5000 kids in 6 different regions to create the piece.

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Industrial Typography: Architecturally Styled Letters

London based Jing Zhang started out designing for the fashion industry, but we’re glad she expanded her talents to include these very different 3D letters. Each character looks like a small slice of industrial space, including ladders, pipes and tiny people. Keep in touch with Zhang through Twitter or head to for more