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This New Book Features the Darkest LEGOs We’ve Ever Seen

Wednesday 10.01.2014 , Posted by
Ryan Rubino

These certainly aren’t your kid’s LEGOs. Famed brick building artist and author Mike Doyle is back with another book of LEGO-based art – this time with a decidedly spooky theme. With chapters titled Creepy Crawlers, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Evil Attunement, Pits of Fire, and even Riot Girls, the new book, called Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, is decidedly lacking in fairy tale castles or race cars. [Read more…]


How Perfect are these Iconic Bands Made With LEGOs?

Thursday 03.20.2014 , Posted by
Iconic Bands in Lego Adly Syairi Ramly 7

For LEGO and music lovers, these images are a match made in… well, LEGO actually. Malaysian Adly Syairi Ramly has been building iconic bands out of tiny LEGO figures – and the results are surprisingly recognizable. Yes, the Beatles rendition above is easy to identify, but just check out how pitch-perfect he’s gotten less obvious bands like Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I almost wish the titles weren’t there so we could play ‘guess the band’. [Read more…]


LEGO on Hoth: Vesa Lehtimäki Re-Imagines Downtime Star Wars’ Ice Planet

Thursday 01.16.2014 , Posted by
Vesa Lehtimaki Lego Star Wars on Hoth 12

If you saw the original Star Wars movies as a kid, it’s hard not to be nostalgic about the trilogies’ characters – even if it’s for the bumbling Storm Troopers on the ice planet Hoth. Finnish illustrator and designer Vesa Lehtimäki was 10 years old when he saw the first installment in 1977, and he’s no stranger to the seductive pull of these now classic films. Over the past few years he’s been fulfilling childhood dreams in a playful yet professional manner – creating imaginative scenes from Hoth using his son’s LEGO sets. [Read more…]


Massive Model of Rivendell From The Hobbit and LOTR, Built with 200,000 LEGOs

Tuesday 12.17.2013 , Posted by
Rivendell in Lego 2

When it comes to Middle-earth, there are few places more beautiful than Rivendell. Home of the elves, this magically lit outpost from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings could easily be paradise… even if it’s built out of LEGOs. Alice Finch recently teamed up with David Frank to create an insanely massive model of the place using around 200,000 LEGO pieces to complete! [Read more…]


Stop-Motion LEGOs: An Amazingly Accurate Remake of ‘The Blues Brothers’ Legendary Mall Car Chase

Wednesday 12.04.2013 , Posted by

Bricktease Blues Brothers

When it comes to old-school movie chase scenes, there are few that match the epic destructiveness of the classic mall car chase from The Blues Brothers. Similarly, there are few classic toys that have quite stood the test of time like LEGO. That’s just one part of why this creation from Australian stop-motion animator Duncan McConchie is so incredibly cool. It’s matched nearly frame for frame with the original film and features the same cool dialogue from John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd at their very best. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #441> Spray-On Fabric & More Cool Consumer Trends

Monday 05.20.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more…]


Famous Photographs Recreated With Legos

Monday 12.17.2012 , Posted by

Mike Stimpson Lego Classics 1

We’re continuing our love of Lego remixes today with some seriously well made retakes on classic photography. Taking the ubiquitous miniature figurines from his Lego set and recreating iconic scenes from classics like Robert Capa’s “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 “Bed-In”, english artist Mike Stimpson has a passion for using toys to create photographic remakes of famous photographs. [Read more…]


Lego Recreations of Famous Movie Scenes

Sunday 12.16.2012 , Posted by


You’re never too old to play with toys! Lucky for us, twenty-one year old Alex Eylar still uses his Legos to hilariously re-create some of the most famous movie scenes of our time. Based in Oakland, Eylar goes by the name Profound Whatever on Flickr, where he shares his extensive collection of staged scenes starring an entirely Lego cast. From symbolic dramas, to action-packed blockbusters, to cult classics, Eylar has a way of making his chosen scenes recognizable, despite the minimal expression provided in the plastic faces. Aside from movie scenes he has an awesome series of crime scene possibilities from the board game Clue, using Legos of course. [Read more…]


Lego Birds in Real Life

Tuesday 11.27.2012 , Posted by

Among other things, Tom Poulsom is Lego crazy. Those other things? Those would be cars and birds. He’s combining his three passions lately to create some really incredible Lego based cars and now has expanded into making collections of birds which – when placed in the non-building block world outside – look surprisingly real. [Read more…]


Lego Re-enactment of Baumgartner’s Record Free Fall

Monday 10.15.2012 , Posted by

On October 14th, 2012, Felix Baumgartner broke the world record for highest skydiving altitude, jumping from space, with a free fall that enabled him to surpass the speed of sound. Just two days later, this hilarious Lego re-enactment highlighting the key moments of the jump was released. The video is to promote the Model Maker Fair which will take place in Vienna on October 25th-28th. It’s one small step for Lego man, one giant leap for mankind’s entertainment. [Read more…]

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