Walls that Speak: Street Art in Lebanon

Lebanon Street Art 0

In the politically charged regions of Lebanon come new messages from local street artists. All over the country, spray painted propaganda symbols of religions and political parties are found on the walls. They signal to others that one district is Shia, while the other Christian. They show if a building supports Hezbollah or the Communist party. After a while, it just becomes commonplace to the people – but to some local graphic designers and street artists, the walls needed a little “touch up.”

A Map of Beirut in Rubber

Marwan Rechmaoui Rubber Map Beirut Caoutchouc 6

Beirut is a vibrant place with a storied past… one which has left the city covered in scars that are still being repaired. Lebanese artist Marwan Rechmaoui often works with themes of urban development and social history revolving around his home country – in this case a large, floor based map of the current city layout. Titled Beirut Caoutchouc, the coastal Mediterranean city is recreated with heavy pieces of rubber embossed with roads, byways and segmented into 60 individual pieces that demarcate neighborhoods.