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Fallen Leaves Cut Into Striking Silhouettes

Friday 08.01.2014 , Posted by
Omid Asadi Cut Leaves 1

Artist Omid Asadi has been transforming fallen leaves using just a craft knife and a needle – and in the process, giving them a new art filled life. A hole here, a slice there, and fantastic silhouettes appear out of the fragile brown shapes. Asadi has been cutting away at a wide range of subjects – everything from celebrity portraits, to artwork inspired by a friend’s tattoo, and wild animals. In most cases, his works smartly play off the natural shape of the leaf they embellish. [Read more…]


Embroidered Leaves Put Geometry in Nature

Monday 06.30.2014 , Posted by
Hillary Fayle Embroidered Leaves 1

When Hillary Fayle studied embroidery at the Manchester Metropolitan University, she loved creating intricate patterns in small environmentally friendly materials. It only made sense when she returned to her home in the US to begin working with the many leaves of her local forest. Her miniature creations are immaculately studies in organic/geometric stitchery. [Read more…]


Imaginative Silhouettes In a Little Leaf World

Monday 07.29.2013 , Posted by

1 Leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

Inspired by artists like Banksy, Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling creates minimalist stencil-like silhouettes, but then she adds a fanciful twist. For this series called Object Art: 1, Ling adds leaves to each of her illustrations to tell a playful story. A couple holding hands beneath a rain cloud of leaf matter, a bundle of leaf balloons, and a little girl blowing bubbles of leaves are some of the whimsical images she has created. Ling is a freelance graphic designer who loves to illustrate on the side. She has another Object Art project that uses cotton balls in a similar narrative way. [Read more…]


Lovely Leaf Lettering

Monday 12.17.2012 , Posted by

leaf z

A new typography project by Mei Linn Chan transforms green leaves into every letter of the alphabet along with each number 0-9. The Malaysian designer, who is currently completing her final year of study for her degree in Graphic Design in Curtin University, Australia, meticulously created a series called “Leaf Type.” Aside from carving out a block letter into each leaf with an exacto knife, she also followed the veins to carve out inside spaces, making the type look like gorgeous green lace doilies. See more images from this and some of her other design projects on Chan’s Behance page. [Read more…]


Leaves of Locks

Wednesday 02.08.2012 , Posted by

Did you ever wonder what to do with that ball of hair that collects in your bathroom drain? Why not weave each strand into beautiful leaves? Jenine Shereos has created a series of incredibly realistic leaves by wrapping and knotting strands of human hair together by hand. [Read more…]


Leaves of Lace Using Classic Techniques

Wednesday 07.13.2011 , Posted by

We all know that most paper comes from trees… but what if the tree itself acted as the paper? Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran uses leaves as his canvas to make intricate cut patterns using methods from classic Japanese, Chinese and German styles. His technique took a while to develop (many leaves didn’t survive) but finally Lorenzo hit upon a process of washing, drying, molding and cutting that worked. You can view and purchase his lace like designs at [Read more…]