Tulle Fabric Portraits by the Great Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine Elizabeth 7

Benjamin Shine is the type of creative who makes something completely original no matter what he lays his hands on. Currently he is making astoundingly accurate portraits using tulle fabric as his medium – the same type of material used in a ballerina’s dress. By pleating and pressing the fabric he plays with its intrinsic translucent and opaque qualities as it is layered ever thicker. As if this work wasn’t challenging enough, he goes one step further by using only one uncut piece of fabric for an entire portrait.

This Is A Painting! 3D Fish Painted in Layers of Resin

Don’t be fooled, the image above is not real fish, but a carefully painted series of layers encased in clear resin! The work of Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori, the pieces are incredibly hard to distinguish from actual living fish… so much so, we included some shots of him making the paintings below.

Beautiful Textured Collages Made From Maps

These incredible collages mix ink illustration with detailed maps, creating subtle images that pop out of their road and border textures. Artist Matt Cusick creates his pieces on wood panel using old charts, ink, ocasional touches of acrylic paint and even Folgers coffee. See more of his work at mattcusick.com.