Stories Told in Martin Tomsky’s Fantastically Detailed Wooden Laser-Cuts

How cool are these? London illustrator Martin Tomsky creates laser-cut wooden plaques that are breathtakingly detailed… and in a world saturated by questionable laser-cut art, that’s a breath of fresh air.

Tomsky’s work is ‘epic’ in the original sense of the word – with a number of his pieces telling full stories as you explore the intricacies of their long forms. Just… wow.

A Smart & Beautiful Chess Set That Packs Flat

Whether you’re winding down the day with a bottle of wine and a friend, or taking a long journey across India by train, there are few better mind-stimulating ways to pass the time than a game of chess. For those moments when a full-sized chess set just isn’t practical, the options have mostly been limited to magnetic travel sets that lack in a certain level of stylish class. That’s part of the reason Peter Baeten’s Got Chess is so very nice.

This Artist Spent a Month Creating a Digital Sundial. He Says “Don’t Throw Out Your Watch”

Appearing to be only a solid block of metal with a series of holes punched through it, Toronto-based artist Daniel Voshart’s Sun Cube prototype is actually a study in precise celestial geometry. Inside the cube are hundreds of channels cut to match the exact angle of the sun and cast dot-matrix style numbers underneath for each daylight hour.

“The New America”: Nando Costa’s Laser-Cut Stop-Motion on 800 Blocks of Wood is Epic

The New America 4The New America 1The New America 2The New America 3

It’s been a while since we heard from Nando Costa and his Kickstarter launched project to laser engrave a stop motion film. After a long two years, and a ton of work on Costa’s part, the project is finally complete… and it was well worth the wait. The animation features a series of modernist psychedelic vignettes that flow in hypnotically smooth motion as changing wood grain flickers across the rectangular background.

Below the Boat: Underwater Topo Maps Made of Wood

Below the Boat 8

There are few things more interesting to study than a good map… add some detail to it in the form of topographical data, and you could have the people here at Visual News obsessed for hours. The maps we bring you here have one added ingredient: a healthy dose of artisan beauty. Made by Bellingham, Washington based chart purveyor Below the Boat, each of their many map designs detail the underwater features of famous bodies of water by laser cutting and layering pieces of wood.

The New America: A Wooden, Laser Engraved Film

Nando Costa is burning his way toward the perfect Kickstarter. He’s making a unique animation using a laser engraver to precisely cut each frame of a film on a piece of wood. Temptingly, people that give to his project will get a unique piece of art from him and if you give $70 you will receive a one of kind engraved wood frame from the film. Costa has been directing animation for over 10 years and we enjoy his clean style, so we are looking forward to seeing the movie. You can see examples of his work at, then head to his Kickstarter project where the more is donated the longer he can make the film

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Stacks of Money Turned Into 3D Carvings

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell is a man of many, varied talents: recently he has been laser cutting tall stacks of dollar bills into delicate three dimensional carvings. His piles of currency feature many of the traditional tattoo symbols we are accustom to: skulls, religious art, guns, roses. Other pieces have adeptly cut script with sayings like “Thank you, Jesus” and “The Thrill is Gone.” Only adding to the raw nature of his work: it’s technically illegal to destroy or deface currency.