Landfill Photography: Classic Chinese Landscape Style

Yao Lu- 1

Once filled with nothing but beautiful, natural, mountainous, tree-filled landscapes, the now over-populated China has some views that aren’t quite so serene: landfills. To contrast the idyllic past with the realistic present, Chinese artist Yao Lu photographed the landfills, covered in green netting, then digitally manipulated the photos to look like the familiar vintage landscapes in traditional paintings. He adds mist, trees, and buildings to the heaps of rubbish, making them appear beautiful and serene until you look closely enough to realize that they are not actually mountains.

Does Wood Have an Expiration Date?


The answer to the question above is for most a resounding “NO”… but for the US’s bloated medical industry, this is not the case. Many products that have no logical explanation for an expiration date, including wooden tongue depressors, are thrown away every year. Often these products are in dire need in other countries… so it is no wonder why our country has the highest cost per patient for healthcare of any country in the world.  The unfortunate truth is that it is illegal here to repurpose medical products, even if they have not been used. Worse yet, these products end up in landfills only polluting the world more. Now, an organization called MedWish has set out to find a solution to this problem