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Eye Candy: Celebrity Portraits Made of Sugary Sweets

Sunday 11.25.2012 , Posted by

Willy Wonka would be so proud of Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos; his art work is completed entirely out of candy! At his studio in Orlando, Florida, the 32 year old artist uses gummy bears, licorice, candy hearts, , M&M’s, bubble gum, after dinner mints, and a lot of patience to meticulously glue candy to a canvas, creating intricate celebrity portraits, without any paint. Aside from re-designing iconic faces out of candy, the artist has also built a life size motorcycle out of 20,000 sweets! Ramos’ sweet portraits can sell for up to $18,000 and some have even been placed in Ripley’s Hollywood Museum. [Read more...]


Animalistic Hairstyles Of The Future

Monday 02.06.2012 , Posted by

Check out these animalistic hairstyles constructed by the talented Nagi Noda. Although this talented artist may not be with us anymore, passing away at the young age of 35, her work still plays a valuable roll in our culture. Noda had her own sense of style that caught on and influenced everything from the fashion world to the entertainment industry. She worked on projects with Coca-Cola, designed hairstyles for popular films, and teamed up with Jack White from The White Stripes in a promotional video. In 2004, after not quite portraying the slim image that society expected from her, she directed the viral short “being appraised as an ex-fat girl” in which she took on the image of a poodle aerobics coach. [Read more...]


Hello Kitty Takes over Pop Culture…YET AGAIN

Tuesday 01.17.2012 , Posted by

If you are like me and have never understood how Sanrio’s iconic cat can bring in a billion dollars each year, maybe you’ve never seen how versatile this kitty can be. Joseph Senior, an art director for a New Zealand based advertising company, has created a series of illustrations that take the prissy feline [Read more...]