World’s Largest Rubber Duck Attends LA Tall Ships Festival

Meet one rubber ducky that won’t make bath time lots of fun. At 11 tons, there isn’t a bathtub that could handle this 6 story-high rubber duck, but I must say I am awfully fond of him and Ernie would be too. The gigantic duck was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman as part of an instillation and has traveled all over the world before his recent visit to the Tall Ships Festival in LA. His globe trotting adventures have brought him to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, and China.

Attention LA: The Kickstarter Filmfest is Coming Your Way!

Kickstarter has helped raise funds for the production of many animations, films, and documentaries, and you can get a taste of some of the most popular ones at The Kickstarter Filmfest in Los Angeles on September 12th. The event will be held at The Autry in Griffith Park from 6-11pm. Aside from the film screenings there will be lots of art, music, and tech to enjoy. Check out the stars through the mobile astronomical observatory, see the “world’s fastest hot tub”, and taste a gourmet reuben- all of which were LA based projects supported by Kickstarter.

On Location: Intimate New Work from James Rieck

James Rieck paintings 2013 1

James Rieck has made a name for himself over the past years by drawing us in to explore his hyper-real portraits – images that at once seem like snapshots of real people and simultaneously make us questions our presumptions with their too perfect colors and tones. It’s like those moments after a convincing dream when you have to think: “did that really happen?” Now Rieck has released new works based on a recent uprooting from his long-time residence and studio in Baltimore, Maryland and his subsequent move to expansive and seemingly infinite Los Angeles, California. As he puts it, his new paintings are themed around “self-imposed dislocation.”

Cloud Theory: New Works by Craola

Art lovers across Los Angeles, Southern California, and the world are now able to witness the much-anticipated opening of Greg “Craola” Simkins’ newest solo show, Cloud Theory. Opening at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Craola’s work has never ceased to amaze: his surreal mix of birds, clouds, tentacled creatures, killer whales, tigers and otherworldly mythical creatures jump off the canvases and into your eyeballs, as if they were alive.

The Gaskettes: Swoon and Destroy

The Gaskettes are a crew of rad chicks who ride through the streets of LA on retro mopeds. The gang is all-inclusive to any female with a love of moped-riding, who is willing to get her hands dirty, and dress in the signature gold satin jackets with a G emblazoned on the breast.

A Nearly Life-Sized Los Angeles Made of Cardboard

Los Angeles is a city of colorful extremes: at once a exotic star filled architectural playground and sprawling urban jungle of low-slung suburbia. Taking her cues from the less opulent spots in the city, artist Ana Serrano has created a colorful, nearly life-sized version of the place she was born and raised… out of cardboard. Her large, room filling work, features the myriad storefronts you would find wandering the streets of LA, from nail salons, to liquor stores and sex shops, all with their signature hand-painted signage, sparse plant life and brilliant paint jobs. This isn’t the high end of the city, but it’s certainly full of life and character.

Glowing Dinosaur Fossils Painted With Light

Looking like prehistoric floating neon, these elaborate floating fossils light up the night with an otherworldly and beautiful glow. Created by Darren Pearson (aka Darius Twin), his “Light Fossils” are some of the best light paintings we’ve seen in a long while. Pearson creates the pieces freehand at night, using just flashlights, a long exposure photograph and a lot of skill (think about drawing dinosaur bones with your eyes closed).

An LA Traffic Story: Visualizing the Commute

For all that live in the LA basin, this informative animation will be far too familiar. Long distances between all the great things to do in the area, combined with quickly stopping traffic on freeways like the 405 and 5, create roads that are often at a standstill. Waze, in collaboration with Gray Area Foundation and artist Nik Hanselmann, created this animation of hazards and traffic as reported by Waze users. Beginning at 5pm and ending 24 hours later the data really begins to explode as people rush to work around 7am. It’s a sobering look at driving conditions in the City of Angels.

Waze is “a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road.” It’s available for most mobile devices.

Mapped: City Hot Spots for Locals and Tourists

Looking for a locals bar in a popular city? Look no further than these maps, which plot the places locals and tourists frequent. Taking the images submitted to the Geotaggers World Atlas and placing them on the map colored based on the length that person has been in the city, these images give a good idea of where locals and tourists visit. It’s also a handy travel reference to see what quiet spots still exist in these popular places.