Playful Pencil Shaving Portraits

1 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! For this series, illustrator Kyle Bean sat down to create a portrait, but once he sharpened his pencil, he put it down, using only the shavings to create facial details. He arranged colored pencil shavings in a precise way to create depth and texture to re-create the faces of contributors to Wallpaper’s ‘Handmade issue’. The UK based designer is known to re-appropriate everyday materials for his art, having created a chicken out of eggshells which he titled What Came first?

A London Underground “Tube” Map From Kyle Bean

Now this is taking the idea of London’s famous ‘Tube‘ quite literally: Kyle Bean, designer, model maker and all around advertising re-thinker has created the London metro map using colored drinking straws. His map uses the colorful tubes in a playful, elementary school craft-time like fashion, which when finished appears completely to scale and quite grown up… that’s because he’s built the design over a large poster of the actual map. His final design, lacking the station labels needed to navigate the system, is still highly recognizable for what it is, a truly iconic design tribute.