A Wooden Wave Made from 9076 Individual Parts

HG-Architecture of Seoul Korea, have created a wave-like wooden structure that is a mix of striking complexity and sinuous simplicity. Looking something like a clever stack of rectangular Jenga blocks, the piece is based on the idea that everything in nature is made from individual components. Atoms and molecules make up complex structures like waves… and people too.

In the Belly of the Whale: Rest Hall at U of Seoul Made of Wooden Ribs

Tucked under the stark grey exterior of a building at the University of Seoul is a warm and organic place to rest. Called Rest Hall and nicknamed Hole, the inviting structure resembles the belly of a whale, complete with row upon row of wooden ribs. Walking into the central entrance, the cave-like space encircles you with the warmth of natural timber rings, with chambers opening to the left and right.

These Are NOT Photographs: Freakishly Realistic Portrait Paintings

1 kang kang hoon

Who needs a camera when your painting skills are better than photography? Korean artist Kang-hoon Kang creates large-scaled oil on canvas portraits that look way too real to be paintings- but they are. He doesn’t play it safe with flat, simple pictures, rather he shows glare and depth with a range of accessories on his subjects. With dynamic characters, each of his paintings invite the viewer to understand the person. Whether each person is being true to themselves or posing for his desired sentiment, each painting has a persona that begs the question, who am I?

Inspired by a Frightened Armadillo: A Folding Electric Car

Armadillo T folding electric car 1

Small cars are a good idea for a lot of good reasons. Not only are they easier to drive, more maneuverable, and much more economical to drive; in congested cities like New York they are also a LOT more easy to park. Just try wedging your beastly SUV into a tiny parallel parking spot at rush hour. It’s not a matter of parking skills, it’s a simple case of “will it fit in that teeny tiny spot?” The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) recently unveiled a new electric concept car aimed at solving that problem by folding the vehicle at its center point… and it’s inspired by a threatened armadillo.

The Beauty Recovery Room

ji yeo beauty recovery room 1

In South Korea it is no longer considered risky or extravagant to go “under the knife” and “beautify” yourself as a woman. Instead, as photographer Ji Yeo points out, “plastic surgery has become an integral part of Korea’s current culture”, and an often necessary step in the process of self improvement. In her latest photo series, Beauty Recovery Room, she captures women resting in their hotel room directly after their intensive procedures and waiting for the healing to begin. Although these images and the idea of going through such a process is perhaps shocking, all of these women had endured multiple procedures and planned for further augmentations in the future.

Abstract Paintings by KwangHo Shin

KwangHo Shin 1

Korean artist KwangHo Shin recently made a colorful splash in the art world when he mysteriously posted his portfolio online, and little else. The young artist is based out of Yeongdeok, South Korea and studied art at Keimyung University. His work primarily focuses on people and their emotions, portrayed largely through abstract strokes of paint. What often pops through his wildly moving colors, are his subject’s expressive eyes.

Stunningly Realistic Portraits Woven From Wire

Seung Mo Park Wire Mesh Portraits 2

Korean artist Seung Mo Park uses an unusual medium to create his fantastically detailed portraits: wire. The process is one of painstaking addition and subtraction, cutting wires away from his layered mats to reveal a figure or face. To create the works, Park superimposes pieces of square wire mesh or layers of individual wires, later cutting and bending them to release the image he sees hidden inside. It’s a process much like stippling in reverse, and translated to a highly unusual format.

Genki Sudo Attempts to Unite Asia With Song & Dance

In the face of growing tensions between Japan and China/South Korea one man attempts to surmount the strained relations through song. Genki Sudo a MMA UFC fighter/ Buddhist/ Writer/ Actor/ Dancer/ Musician has utilized all of his talents to create a music video for the conflicting countries. “Permanent Revolution” features Sudo and his group World Order traveling to Asia to bring the message that “We are all one.” They travel in style with matching suits and choreographed dance moves perfectly synced with the catchy tune. Although most of the song is in Japanese, the message is pretty clear, with an ending that is up for interpretation.

Visual Bits #243> What Do Your Eyes See?

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The Bold and the Beautiful: Korean Artist Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee is a young South Korean artist whose work exudes a semi-disturbing inner tension that is tough to ignore, even if you feel that you’d like to. It draws you in with its powerful colors, halting imagery and a clever juxtaposition of beauty, innocence and fragility with an almost brash boldness.