Wasteland Wanderlust: Derelict Vehicle Drawings

Paul White has been obsessed with cars since a young age, loving trips to find parts in the wrecking yards of his childhood home in western Sydney. Surrounded by the car culture of his area, he drew the hot cars of his era… a passion which later developed into work in the professional art world and a style uniquely his own.

Kinetic Sculpture: Metal Art that Performs

Using the huge pile of scrap metal and discarded objects surrounding his warehouse like art studio, artist Andrew Smith makes large, kinetic art pieces that perform for the viewer. He says his works rarely start with a definite plan, but as he bolts, welds and cuts, they grow with the spontaneous inspiration created by the random variety of objects he has on hand.
For more on his captivating work, see his website andrewsmithart.com

Household Junk Recycled into Artistic Portraits

Taking normal household trash that would most likely be headed for the landfill, artist Zac Freeman uses a decade’s worth of collected junk to create amazingly realistic portraits. With his ‘paint’ being buttons, small toys, old film canisters, Legos and much more, he carefully arranges these small bits and bobs and applies them to wooden substrate with glue. Faces literally jump off the page with intense depth and texture, so that when seen from a distance, they smooth into an organized, lifelike whole.

For more on Zac Freeman, be sure to check out his website zacfreemanart.com