Elias Poland Drew Everything He Bought for a Year

Elias Poland spent his 22nd year recording life in a journal, but unlike most people, he didn’t stick to written accounts of the day, love interests or introspection on the meaning of life (although there’s some of that). Feeling he hadn’t been drawing enough, Elias hit on an idea that would encourage creative output: he’d draw a picture of everything he bought for the whole year.

“From coffee to scabies medication, I drew everything.”

Rán Flygenring’s Charming Life, Illustrated

ran flygenring drawings 14

Charming. It was the word that came to mind when we ran across the work of Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator Rán Flygenring and her improvisational, doodling style of drawing and watercolor. She captures her nomadic lifestyle on small pieces of paper, coloring a beautiful world of interesting people, tasty food and worldwide travel.

Walking Shadows of Rainbow Collage

Shadows simplify the world around us in extremely beautiful ways. These silhouettes of blocked light show us the presence of an object, revealing only slight details about what it could be, but often creating something with even more character than the object casting it. There is something powerful in the simplified outlines of objects… and designer Jason Ratliff knows this well.

Self-Portraits Everyday Since 1999!

Jeff Harris decided one day in 1999 to do a photo a day, long before the trend began. Jeff had a normal job working in an office environment, but his self-portraits depict him doing wild adventurous activities… activities he probably wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t embarked on taking a picture of himself every single day.

Through his photographic journey, Jeff has taken 4,748 photos and is still going. He has an amazing story to tell with his photos and his five minute video below will share the tale with you. Enjoy.

Intimate Time Lapse Journal Paintings

Bryce Wymer, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York, creates visual journals that pop from the page with bold color and composition. Making both detailed drawings and layered paintings in his small Molskine sketchbooks, he has recently started documenting the process in time laps video. He says his personal works “address human social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.” He currently works as a freelance creative director, a title which he says includes live action, graphic design, illustration, fine art, 2D animation and post production work. To see more of his intimate works, see his website brycewymer.com.