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Visual Bits #273 > Movies That Stay Classy

Monday 09.17.2012 , Posted by

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Minimalist Dark Knight Character Posters

Friday 07.27.2012 , Posted by

As the Christopher Nolan Dark Night Trilogy has come to an end, graphic designer David Ryan Andersson has created a series of minimalist posters to highlight it’s key players. Each poster features a shadowed figure of each on a solid colored background along with a quote representative of each character. See your favorite hero along with the villains from Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises in a minimalistic fashion. David Ryan Andersson is a Chicago native currently attending the University of Illinois for advertising. [Read more…]


Freaky Realistic Movie Sculptures Bring Stars to Life

Monday 05.07.2012 , Posted by

Forget wax museums, these latex sculptures of Hollywood stars are so real they’re completely freaky! Can you imagine walking into a room where Jack Nicholson’s very realistic bust is wielding an axe at you? How about Heath Ledgers Joker giving you a demented stare? The details on these figures are so precise it’s astounding: individual hairs are visible, eyes are wet and focused, you can practically see them breath… and a few of these are only 1/6th scale, only becoming obvious when you notice the size of things next to them. [Read more…]