Freestyle Creations Peek Into the Universe

1 john speaker

While most artists have a concept in mind as they approach the canvas, John Speaker is more of a freestyler. As he sits down to start a piece, he touches his marker or paintbrush to the canvas and lets his consciousness take care of the rest. He says,

“The creation becomes an evolving chaos of the purest emotions; they do not represent happiness or sadness, confusion or enlightenment, hope or doubt; they are simply the culmination of everything and nothing. The concept of a mistake becomes completely irrelevant in the process, as the confines of our societal definitions have been shed, and the energy of the universe is allowed to present itself unrestrained. My creation becomes something more than an expression of life. It has become life itself.”

When I first discovered John Speaker’s art, I got lost in each piece, trying to interpret and put my own spin on the images before me. Stay tuned after the jump for our interview with him, then check out to see more.