Metal Subway Map Cuffs Are Perfect for the Stylish Traveler

Nothing says tourist like holding a giant map while you try to find your way around a new city. But Designhype wants you to look stylish and confident while you’re exploring the world. They have created a brilliant metal cuff that combines fashion with function. Featuring subway maps of major metro cities, it’s a collection that every traveler can appreciate.

Wearable Planters Let You Carry Your Plants Everywhere

Leaving your plants at home is one of the drawbacks of being a plant lover. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Colleen Jordan has created a series of wearable planters that let you take along your succulents, sprouts or some tiny flowers while showcasing them beautifully around your neck. These are adventurous plants.

Would You Wear It? Bacon Belts and Noodle Necklaces Made Like Japanese Food Samples

Walk into many Japanese eateries and you’ll see delicious food on display. It’s there to give you an idea of what’s on the menu, but don’t try to take a bite. The realistic food is completely fake. Food samples have been an iconic part of Japanese culinary culture for a long time, but now the artful creations are being turned into wearable jewelry and accessories. Would you wear it?

Projection-Based Interactive Jewelry Of The Future by Neclumi

Neclumi asks, “Are we willing to abandon atoms of gold for the waves of light?” A brilliant jewelry line created in the minds of Polish art collective panGenerator, Neclumi necklaces and watches will make the future brighter. Trading in heavy metals for a picoprojector, the interactive jewelry will be run through a custom app with 4 options for movement. Airo mode will react to a pedometer to move with you as you walk. Sono mode will react to the ambient sound and your voice. Roto will use the compass to react to the rotation of your body. Movi will react to your body movement to bounce with you.

Brutalist Jewelry Uses Cement in Abstract Designs

While most jewelry is delicately beautiful, these examples are decidedly rugged… then again, concrete isn’t the first thing you think of in wearable fashion. Designer Mareike Kanafani has created a collection of rings and broaches which seem to channel the aesthetic of heavy brutalist architecture from the mid-century – only this time in beautifully creative geometric forms.

Diamond or Plastic? Credit Card Jewelry

Kristal Romano 1

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before credit cards, when people actually had to have the cash to make purchases. Now with so many people trying to keep up with the Kardashians, credit card debt is as common as obesity. Artist/ Metalsmith Kristal Romano is fascinated with cultural beliefs about value and materials, so she has re-purposed credit cards into jewelry in a series she calls Commodities.

Re-membering Barbie: Fine Jewelry Made from the Icon

To some, dismembered Barbie is creepy, to others, plastic body parts are the perfect medium for jewelry. Barbie is the icon of little girls everywhere and a representation of childhood to women who enjoyed Barbie’s company when they were small. One woman, Margaux Lange, uses the nostalgia of Barbie as inspiration for her jewelry line, Plastic Body Series. She repurposes salvaged body parts and combines them with silver and colored resins to make unique Barbie (and Ken) body jewelry. Though there is a slightly creepy vibe to the jewelry if you think about it too hard, it is still beautiful and creative in its own way. It takes a second look to realize that the jewelry is actually made from Barbie, and Lange finds interesting ways to use pretty much every last inch of the doll and her six-pack clad boyfriend. “The collection is a result of a life-long fascination with the icon, and a desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art jewelry,” Lange said on her Etsy profile.

Prime Crime Real Estate For Sale!


If you are into real estate and looking for a real fixer upper, check out these abandoned estates once belonging to some of Mexico’s most nasty criminals. The movies aren’t the only way we can see how infamous crime men truly reside. Over the past 6 years Mexico has seized over 114 million items belonging to incarcerated drug lords. Wanting no paper trail to their names of course, most dealers will walk into high end shops for jewelry, furniture, art, cars, exotic animals, etc., and order one of everything. Limited time and the risk of getting caught makes most of these estates look as if they were turned into a storage unit to hold anything gold, sparkling and symbolizing power. Many of the drug lords lived in extremely terrible conditions despite the luxurious first impression: the inside of some estates have been full of broken needles, trash, prostitutes and a family trying to live the life their loved one has chosen for them.