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An Amazing Japanese Contact Juggler

Wednesday 10.24.2012 , Posted by

Hey children of the 80s: remember that part in the movie Labyrinth when David Bowie starts magically juggling those clear orbs? That’s not magic, it’s a technique called contact juggling… and when done right, it looks just about like the rolling balls are glued to your body. In this beautiful example, a man at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival Championship wows the crowd with a 6 minutes set – but not before first impressing them by his mesmerizing skills using just one white orb. [Read more…]


A Psychedelic Animation of Morphing Human Forms

Monday 10.08.2012 , Posted by

Check out this beautiful new biomorphic animation from Tokyo based artist Katayama Takuto. All is not as it seems as the lines weave into human based forms, transforming from one moment to the next and never quite resolving into a complete person. [Read more…]


Surprising Dos and Don’ts of Eating Sushi

Saturday 09.22.2012 , Posted by

As an avid sushi eater – possibly verging on the obsessed – I was surprised to see how many traditional Japanese sushi eating customs I am breaking according to this tasty graphic. Did you know you’re not supposed to mix wasabi with your soy sauce? Did you know the side dish of ginger is used only as a palate cleanser? Check out this helpful bunch of dos and don’ts for an authentic sushi eating experience. Oh, and those of you having trouble with chopsticks: good news. You can use their fingers at will. [Read more…]


Kids Build Map of Japan Made From 1.8 Million Legos

Wednesday 08.15.2012 , Posted by

Before you write this project off as another example of the multitude of huge Lego projects around the web, consider the unique way this wildly vertical map of Japan was made. In celebration of the block-based building systems 50th year, the company’s Japanese subsidiary sponsored a nation wide building project which saw the participation of over 5000 kids in 6 different regions to create the piece. [Read more…]


Haunting Images of a Spinning Woman

Sunday 07.15.2012 , Posted by

You can use animated GIF’s so many ways – from the cheesy sparkling graphics that dominated MySpace, to looping film clips or artfully animated drawings – there are a host of possibilities. These GIF’s, coming out of Japan at about 2 per week are really something different though. From the Tumblr blog, RRRRRRRROLL, the images feature a mysterious woman who spins in circles while the rest of the world stays completely still. More unusual, as if she is being spun by some unseen force, her feet stay aligned with her body as she spins. [Read more…]


Ink on Skin: Intricate Pen Drawings on Faces

Monday 07.09.2012 , Posted by

What would it look like to have your physical and mental scars in full view to the world? Maybe it would look something like these face drawings by artist Pinpin Co. Working closely with her subjects, she often spends over 5 hours drawing intricately on their faces and striving to bring out the deeper aspects of their inner and outer landscapes. The results of her work, created with a fine 0.38mm gel ink pen, are often beautiful and sometimes a bit disturbing. [Read more…]


Decorative Manhole Covers From Japan

Tuesday 06.12.2012 , Posted by

Some people have seen them, some have not. Throughout the country of Japan, the covers that enter into the underground are not simply plates of iron: they bring a happy and refreshing visual display as one walks and goes about their day. [Read more…]


TRON: Japanese Style!

Thursday 03.15.2012 , Posted by

Tron is back… in Japan! This beautifully choreographed 5 minute clip of Tron inspired goodness shows 8 dancers in full Tron-like suits that turn on and off. As they move, they come together, disappear, only to reappear somewhere else. It is an exceptionally well done dance piece and inspires new ideas for dances whether at a school play, a theater or a communal gathering such as Burning Man. Enjoy the show! [Read more…]


Translucent Origami Of Endangered Sea Birds

Friday 02.24.2012 , Posted by

The skeletons of endangered birds and sea-life pop from flat sheets of paper into beautiful, eerie three-dimensional forms in Japanese designer Takayuki Hori’s series Oritsunagumono (things folded and connected). The pieces were his 1st place winning entry into the 2010 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award, in which student designers submit their senior thesis works to be judged by a group of artists, designers, professors and critics. [Read more…]


Intricate Building Sculptures in the Bonsai Style

Thursday 02.16.2012 , Posted by

These astoundingly intricate miniatures are so complex and so dreamlike they make one want to get closer and closer until you actually walk their many looping stairs and paths. Designed and built by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba, most of his pieces take a heavy dose of their influence from the art of bonsai, weaving plant-like forms throughout the classic architectural elements. Aiba even goes so far as to use the cascade form of bonsai in his piece above, along with classic terrariums and tables used in the art form. [Read more…]

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