Fantastic Tattoos Made from Dots. Kenji Alucky, Japan’s Traveling Artist, Hits New York.

Kenji Alucky Stippling Tattoos 1

Stippling is a technique mostly associated with fine-tipped pens and a careful hand, but tattoo artist Kenji Alucky from Hokkaido, Japan is using the form on skin. His exquisite pieces are filled with geometric forms, both natural and mathematical, and most are created using his signature method employing fine dots.

How Creatives Work: Akira Kurosawa


Akira Kurosawa is respected as one of the greatest film directors who ever lived, and as a master of the Samurai genre of Japanese cinema. Films such as “Rashomon,” “Seven Samurai,” Ran,” “Throne of Blood,”  “Yojimbo,” and others, revolutionized cinema and introduced Japanese film to Western audiences. He always said he didn’t like talking about particular films after he had finished them. He wanted them to do the talking for him. “If what I have said in my film is true,” he explained, “someone will understand.”

Artist Uses Toasted Bread As a Canvas for His Anime Drawings

1 Toast Art by Hittomii

Move over latte art! Japanese toast art may just be the next big thing. A Japanese artist by the name of Hittomii uses lightly toasted bread as a canvas to make these adorable anime illustrations. He first “painted” on cookies, but has moved from dessert to breakfast with these new creations. He shows us that playing with your food is a good thing!

Smart Environmental Illustrations by Yuko Shimizu

With Superstorm Sandy still a recent memory, New York-based editorial illustrator extraordinaire Yuko Shimizu has recently put together a portfolio of her environmentally themed works. We’ve got to confess a strong affection for her incredible illustrative stylings, and when applied to something as vital as the environment, we’re in love. The flowing lines of her work lend themselves well to the inviting curves of the natural world and the very elements we so badly need to protect. These illustrations featured in articles ranging in topic from sustainable eating and deforestation, to oil drilling and environmentally friendly cars.

Origami and Pokemon? A Perfect Match!

Jobe Brown Paper Art 15

Young Canadian artist Jobe Brown has an obsession with fantasy and paper. It’s a happy combination which sees him folding 3D characters from hits like Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants and Pokemon in his uniquely patterned style of origami. He’s made a winged Golden Snitch, Mr Krabs and a load of Pokemon characters (gotta catch ’em all!), each one cleverly redesigned to fit the modular methods he uses to create them.

Opening Week for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Serpentine-Gallery-Pavilion-2013-by-Sou-Fujimoto 1

For the past thirteen years London’s Serpentine Gallery has hosted the work of fantastic architects in the form of their annual Pavilion, staging perhaps the most anticipated and innovative program in the world. The resulting structures are open to the public, allowing passerby to explore groundbreaking experiments in design from such names as Zaha Hadid (2000), Frank Gehry (2008), Oscar Niemeyer (2003), and last year, Ai Weiwei. This year’s example, now celebrating its opening week, sees a cloud-like structure of tubular steel rising like an apparition from the grounds of the gallery.

Illustrations: Clever and Beautiful, Just Like a Cat

Yoko Tanji cat illustrations 4

Like most of the internet, Japanese artist Yoko Tanji has an obsession with cats. Lucky for us, she’s doing something about it, creating a large body of work revolving around the feline species and their human companions. Her work ranges in style from sketched pen drawings to watercolors and digital illustrations, while her cleverly executed themes range from the somber to the brilliantly funny. Despite her varied modes of bringing the work to life, each piece stands well on its own and is created with a perfection unmatched by most artists.

Massive Handmade Cloud Leopard Paper Cut Sculpture

Nahoko Kojima 1

Using one single- rather large- piece of black paper, Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima of Solo Kojima hand cut an unbelievably intricate cloud leopard sculpture. The cutting process took five months and it was assembled by securing it in the air by fishing wire hung from the ceiling. The Crafts Council chose Kojima among just nine other international artists to display work in the Project Space at the Saatchi Gallery in the UK earlier this month. Before that, in February, the piece was assembled at Le Beffroi in Paris.

Visual Bits #432 > The Funny, The Beautiful, & The Odd

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Moving Light Sculptures by Mihoko Ogaki


Where do we go after we die? Is there an another life after this one? Will we be reborn? Inspired by these ideas of life, death, and rebirth, Japanese artist Mihoko Ogaki has created some amazing works. For the past few years she has created an ongoing series of sculptures that illuminate. The ongoing project is called “Milky Ways” and the pieces were just currently displayed at the MORI YU Gallery in Tokyo.