More Cinemagraphs from Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck


We covered some of Kevin Burg & Jamie Becks cinemagraphs last year and loved them so much we thought we should bring you some more. While cinemagraphs themselves have been around for a while, Kevin & Jamie create unique animated GIFs which raise the bar on what has come before. These recent examples display a love for autumn scenery and vintage style.

Beautiful Fashion Photography That Moves

Although many fashion photographers strive for lifelike images, or at least a fantasy that looks real, photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have teamed up and are truly helping breath new life into fashion photography. Using video clips taken by Beck’s well trained eye, Burg then stitches together a few select frames into a looping animated GIF — creating a scene caught in one beautiful instant. Be sure to swing by Jamie Beck’s excellent photography blog (and so much more) at and also Kevin Burg’s blog which is full of clever animation.