New Cityscape Sculptures “Sketched with a Bandsaw” from Artist James McNabb

When we last covered artist James McNabb, he was launching his series of bandsaw cut cities on Kickstarter, giving city blocks as rewards for support. He’s come a long way since then, recently opening a solo show called Metros at Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami. His imaginative work continues to evolve and grow, just like the cities around us. His work is a commentary on the “transformations of cities and urban landscapes, their beauty, uniqueness, and overdevelopment.” In a way, this is the journey of a woodworker from the quiet forest into the urban jungle.

3D City Sculptures Sketched with a Bandsaw

McNabb and Co Bandsaw Art 5

Balancing carefully between the worlds of home furnishings and decorative arts, the crew at McNabb & Co. have been producing some seriously imaginative 3D cityscapes – creatively “sketched” using a bandsaw. The husband and wife run outfit (with honorable mention to their dog Buster) have made The City Series, a wood based series of sculptures which have reminded some people of the mind-bending sets from the movie Inception. One such example, Wheel, lines up sky scraper-like buildings around the inner confines of a circle (you can see a construction video below).