3 Artists Who Harnessed Inner Turmoil in the Pursuit of Creativity

Creating art is not an easy thing. As I talked about in my review of Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, it can be a struggle, a battle even. Pressfield’s book was about overcoming the difficulty of getting down to work, of stopping procrastination and doing the thing you have to do. But there is another kind of creative struggle that many go through – the struggle with one’s self, with one’s inner demons.

A Body of Modern Art: Painterly Tattoos

Over the past decade the art of the tattoo has continued to expand, adding new designs further and further from the traditional body art of the past. Amanda Wachob is a New York based artist who’s pushing that limit further than we’ve ever seen, taking work normally reserved for the canvas and placing it boldly on the body. Her painterly works blur the line between fine art and body art, placing vibrant paint like brush strokes on her clients. Currently working with Daredevil Tattoo in New York, you can see more of her creations including quick fading ‘Conceptual Tattoos’ at amandawachobtattoo.com.

Putting a New Face on the Masterpieces

If Vincent Van Gogh where alive today, we think he would be proud to see his Starry Night on the face of Andy Alcala. The young artist has been painting representations of famous masterworks from his torso up for a while now and shows no sign of stopping. Can you imagine the patience required to paint these backwards in a mirror on your own face? Check out his flickr sets for more.