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Art That Takes You Places: Metro Stations in Naples are Becoming Art Galleries

Monday 11.17.2014 , Posted by

Ten years ago the city of Naples, Italy, decided to renew their subway stations with a bit of art and life. Under the guidance of Achille Bonto Oliva, the former Venice Biennale director, 14 stations have been redesigned, and now house over 200 works by over 100 artists and architects. Each station has its own signature style. [Read more…]


With Just a Light Gesture: Italian Quarry Boss Drops Huge Blocks of Marble

Monday 11.03.2014 , Posted by
Il Capo

Filmmaker Yuri Ancarani spent nearly a year filming the marble quarry on Monte Bettolgi in Northwest Italy. The otherworldly landscape of stone is captured in his documentary “Il Capo” (The Chief), which focuses on the quarry boss and his silent gestures which direct the action. Under his guidance massive blocks of marble are cut from the mountain and fall with a ground shaking crash. Captivating and surprisingly satisfying. [Read more…]


Hammocks in the Air at the International Highline Meeting

Tuesday 09.30.2014 , Posted by
International Highline Meeting 1

Ah, there’s nothing quite like lounging in a hammock, the wind whistling through your hair, hundreds of feet in the air. Hold on… hundreds of feet? That was the scene this year at the International Highline Meeting. An event that brings together high altitude thrill seekers from around the world and took place this time at Monte Piana in north-eastern Italy. [Read more…]


Umbrellas for Miles: Aerial Views of a Colorful Italian Beach Town

Monday 09.15.2014 , Posted by

German photographer Bernhard Lang went on a pleasant holiday to the seaside resort town of Adria, Italy – a place that is absolutely covered with umbrellas. Located between the coastlines of Ravenna and Rimini on the Adriatic coast, each hotel has its own umbrella design, creating a sea of color that extends for miles. This inspired a photographic project for Lang, who decided that on his next trip he would arrange a plane and shoot the scene from the air. That happened last month, and the photos are fantastic. It almost seems like a beachside Candy Land of sorts. [Read more…]


Silhouettes Play on the Streets of Padua

Thursday 07.24.2014 , Posted by
Kenny-Random 10

The streets of Padua Italy are filled with playful silhouettes by local street artist Kenny Random. Kenny, whose real name is Andrea Coppo has been practicing the art form since the eighties, and over the years his style has ranged from anthropomorphic figures, stenciled silhouettes and a myriad of cartoon characters which interact with each other. [Read more…]


Wave Sculptures Frozen on the Wall

Thursday 04.10.2014 , Posted by

Waves influence every aspect of our lives – whether they are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (light, radio, heat), sonic vibration in the form of sound waves, or quiet ripples on the water in our kitchen sink. Italian artist Loris Cecchini is taking the form of those waves – something often invisible to the naked eye – and making them visible in his sculptural series Wallvave Vibration. [Read more…]


Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola Reunite on a Brilliant Short Film for Prada

Thursday 11.14.2013 , Posted by

Wes Anderson Prada 1

We found out last month about Wes Anderson’s upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it’s not going to be in theaters for what seems like ages. To tide over all those Wes Anderson obsessed, here’s an excellent short film from the legendary director, with production by Roman Coppola. It features long time Anderson go-to Jason Schwartzman as a fast-talking 1950s racing driver who crashes in a small italian village – just remember it’s not his fault! [Read more…]


Huge Submarine Crashes Through the Streets of Milan

Friday 10.04.2013 , Posted by


It’s not every day that we get to cover the PR campaign of an insurance company… that’s probably because nobody really gets excited about insurance and there ads are almost all predictable. That might have changed with this fantastically alluring piece from M&C Saatchi Milano for insurance firms Europ Assistance IT and Genertel. They staged an event that had hundreds staring with mouths agape at a massive submarine that seemingly went off course and surfaced through the streets of Milan. [Read more…]


Just when you thought an abandoned psychiatric hospital couldn’t get any creepier…

Wednesday 08.14.2013 , Posted by

Herbert Baglione shadows 2

Just when you thought that an abandoned psychiatric hospital couldn’t get any creepier, Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione comes along to give us the ultimate waking nightmare. Part of his ongoing 1000 Shadows project, he’s been painting black silhouettes on the weathered walls, floors and ceilings of long deserted buildings in São Paulo and Paris… but by far the creepiest location to date is this abandoned hospital in Parma, Italy. [Read more…]


The Whimsical, Wonderful World of Trees

Saturday 07.06.2013 , Posted by

Toni Demuro 1

For the International Year of Forests (2011), Italian artist Toni Demuro created 238 clever tree-themed illustrations which he exhibited all over the world last year. Choosing just 12 to share was no easy task since they are all incredibly inventive, but here are some of my favorites. In some drawings, Demuro shows the similarities between the veins and arteries of the cardiovascular system and a tree’s branches, in others trees grow from buildings and animals; some are thought-provoking, others just plain hilarious. The colors and styles change, but the trees remain the same, though not always the focal point. How Demuro came up with 238 designs, each more clever than the last in unbeknownst to me, but this is one compendium worth perusing. [Read more…]

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