The Galaxy Quest: Going Into Orbit With the International Space Station [Infographic]

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In recent years, there have been few space projects as exciting as the International Space Station, or ISS. Even though it is the 9th space station to take orbit, it is the first to house a full-time crew and a dedicated research laboratory. And, with recent social media exploits – like those of the excellent Commander Chris Hadfield who famously sang David Bowie’s Space Oddity from orbit – space has never looked so near or friendly for the human species.


Space Blogger: Chris Hadfield’s Photos from the ISS

Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 1

It’s hard to imagine a blog published more remotely than Colonel Chris Hadfield’s… and yet he’s only about 200 miles away from many of us. That’s because he’s blogging from perhaps the most exclusive place around: the International Space Station (ISS). This Canadian astronaut is on his second trip to the massive station circling the earth, where he’s soon scheduled to take his and a Canadian’s first command of the ISS. Life is good.


Earth: An Astounding Time Lapse From Space

We see a lot of time-lapse videos here at Visual News, but this one takes it to new heights all together: an altitude of over 200 miles to be exact. Filmed by astronaut/photographer Ron Garan from the windows of the orbiting International Space Station, this astoundingly beautiful video captures a view of brightly lit cities, continents, cloud layers and the magnificent aurora borealis as the ISS gracefully speeds around the earth.