These Murals in Tehran Merge with the Sky

The architecture in the city of Tehran is a mixed bag. One building can have a nice modern facade, while the surrounding buildings are just simple and gray. This discrepancy in building practices led to the government allotting a budget committed to making public art a greater priority. For the past eight years, local Iranian artists have been commissioned to do large murals on the blank buildings to “color” up the city they all love.

Forget the Hijabs: A Glimpse of Iran That We Don’t Often See

For the past 20 years images and news from Iran have been fairly consistent. There are women in hijabs, public demonstrations with burning flags, executions, and the ongoing threat of nuclear weaponry. Yet, in this 80 million-plus population lies a hidden life; albeit one that, against the conservative and theocratic laws that exist, still pervades the culture. A young photographer named Hossein Fatemi did a photo series of the “Iran that we never see.”

Conquering Hate With a Love Story


Earlier this year, you may have seen photos circulating the internet through Facebook and Twitter, showing a different side of Israeli’s views of Iranians than we see on the news. The viral Israel-Loves-Iran meme was started by graphic designer Ronny Edry of Israel and now he speaks about the movement in a recent TEDtalk. By opening communication where it was once taboo, letting the people of nations know that they are loved by the ones who are allegedly their enemy, it started a chain reaction of love, showing the world that the opinion of the people is not always the same as the one represented by their politicians.

Why You Should Know About the Strait of Hormuz

Since 2005, Iran has come under constant and increasing pressure from the Western world to shut down its nuclear program. Their underground uranium enrichment sites have been a constant frown producer at the European Union headquarters and of course, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies they’re creating nuclear weapons in said facilities, which he says they’re using to research nuclear power development and medical technology (sure they are). On January 23, 2012, the member nations of the European Union formally approved an oil embargo against Iran.

Only A Free Press Can Hurt Them

We just ran across this somewhat prophetic ad campaign from Reporters Without Borders. Produced about a year ago, it features crinkled images of world leaders who use an iron grip on press freedom to lead their nations. The images expose the controlling and distorted messages these leaders exhort, while at the same time symbolically silencing their voice. Gaddafi, infamous dictator of the now tumultuous Libya is featured, as is North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.