Crazy About Wine on Vine

With Twitter’s newest app Vine, rather than seeing an Instagram snapshot of everything your friends eat or drink, you can watch a looping six second video of it! To keep up with the world’s declining attention spans, users must select just 6 seconds of footage to capture a moment. Surprisingly the videos can be very entertaining, especially since you can watch them as they are posted, in real-time, on It’s as if people around the world have their own 6 second reality show and you can choose which ones to tune into on Twitter.

Artwork Jumps to Life on the iPhone, in Real-Time

What if each time you looked at a static picture, painting or even object, it popped into bright and detailed motion, telling a new and unique story. No, I’m not talking about an LSD trip, but the new ARART app which was recently displayed at Sapporo’s ATTIC space. Using iPhones and iPads to detect pre-programed images, viewers were treated to a new system which detects imagery and then overlays the image with an animated image in its place. The exhibition used examples of van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, as well as CDs, LPs and modern artworks.

WTHR: Smart Weather App in the Style of Dieter Rams

In so many ways Dieter Rams had it right with his 10 Principles of Good Design… and this weather app based on those principles gets a lot of things right too. Designed in the light, purposeful style of Rams’ work for Braun, the app features just the information you need and provides it all on one intuitive screen. With the white iPhone shown here, the clean aesthetic of the design is just gorgeous.

How to Spot an Instagram Junky

If a picture says a thousand words, than an Instagram photo says those words with old school flair. It’s hard to make an image look bad when it’s got that retro/sexy feel a Polaroid or Holga camera would snap… and now you get to share those images with your friends around the globe and keep track of what they’re doing with the flip of your thumb.

Ourcast: App Predicts Weather to the Minute

If you have a football game to play Saturday, it’s not too hard to find out what the forecast will look like… just head to one of the many popular weather sites or apps and you’ll see if it’s going to be a perfect day or a mud bath. But, what if that game was in 2 hours? That becomes far more challenging to predict, especially down to your specific location.

Enter Ourcast, a free app launching April 18th, which is designed to accurately predict rain and snow in real-time up to 2-hours in the future. Why just two hours? Instead of focusing on what is easy to find – predicting if it will rain today – the app helps you know if that game, run or wedding in 2 hours is going to require a rain jacket or if your kids should walk to school. It’s just the useful and timely information you need when going outside… and it’s provided by people in your own community.

Dream:ON – An App Designed to Control Your Dreams

Are you ready to start having incredibly different dreams? Are you ready to be part of a mass sleep experiment at the same time? Dream:ON, a new free app, aims to conduct the largest dream experiment ever, using an iPhone to guide your dreams just before you wake using imaginatively designed soundscapes. For anyone fond of adventures in their sleep, this app is seriously intriguing.

Visual News Van #4: Jennifer Peck – Banjo App

Social media apps are doing an amazing job keeping us connected with friends all over the world, but it’s not easy to keep track of every feed, and sometimes we end up missing the opportunity to meet up with a friend who’s just a skip, hop, or jump away. Banjo is an app for iPhone and Android that connects all of your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Gowalla, etc.) and only sends you notifications when a friend is nearby (in the mile radius you’ve selected).

Dive Into the Viddy Pool with T-Pain & Bill Cosby

The Viddy community has been growing exponentially since its launch early last year- with over 40 million views last month alone. Viddy is an iPhone/iPad app (coming to Android this Summer!) that allows you to post and watch 15 second video clips.

Location-Aware Albums are Like Real-Life Soundtracks

Imagine walking through a public space and having your music change as you stroll, fitting perfectly with each new setting like a soundtrack to your life. Can you picture it? Want it? Then check out BlueBrain’s location-aware albums.

To promote their latest tracks, BlueBrain, a Washington, DC-based music group comprising two brothers, launched a series of iPhone apps that play the band’s latest tracks according to the geographic location of its listeners in Manhattan and Washington.

Paid to Get Coffee: Gigwalk chalks up 1.5 million Tasks!

Are you looking for a flexible means of extra income, as many of us are in this time of economic downturn? This is easier said, than done, in most cases. We have all heard numerous claims of ways to makie an easy buck, and most of them are scams or just do not end up being lucrative enough to make sense to do. Well, over 100,000 people have discovered a way to do just this with Gigwalk!