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Explore Crunchbase Visually to See Hidden Connections

Saturday 03.23.2013 , Posted by


If you have an idea for a startup, you’re an investor, or you’re a journalist looking for information on anything Web 2.0, this is visual research gold: you can now explore CrunchBase visually to find hidden investment connections. CrunchBase, the wiki-style database of Web 2.0 people, investors, and companies that include lists of their key employees – or key events in their business – is a go-to resource for many people doing research in the online investment world. Now, the company Wikisway is giving us the option of exploring the CrunchBase network visually, opening up a whole world of information previously hidden in the text. [Read more…]


Watch Out For Falling Bar Graphs!

Wednesday 12.14.2011 , Posted by

We get a real kick out of data visualization here at Visual News, so when we ran across these disaster themed commercials featuring an avalanche of falling bar graphs and molten pie chart pools striking the city, we had to laugh. Produced by Anonymous Content, the series is titled It Can Happen and features one clever hook of a catch line at the end. The first advert is quite a bit more effective in our opinion, featuring no dialog to distract from the data disaster befalling the city, while the following two examples rely on witty dialog to more obviously convey the point. Which ever you prefer, the animations are well done and highly effective. [Read more…]