School Cafeteria Lunches Around the World

Each day in the United States, over 32 million students eat lunches from their school cafeterias. The food consumed accounts for more than half of each students daily calorie intake – which therefore makes the school cafeteria that much more important in delivering healthy food and preventing child obesity. Unfortunately, if you grew up going to an American school and eating food in the cafeteria, it is unlikely you got the most delicious and healthy food. Yet, if you grew up going to a school in another country around the world, you may have had a different experience.

The Frog Goes Brekeke (in Hungarian): Visualizing Animal Sounds In Multiple Languages

1 How to sound like a dog in 14 languages

One of the first things we learn as babies are the sounds that animals make, but did you know that these sounds are different in every language? French dogs say “waouh,” Japanese horses say “hihiin,” and Albanian pigs say “hunk!” Illustrator James Chapman brings us this colorful collection of animals around the world making their sounds! Surprisingly, he has not made one for the fox yet, but by now the whole world should know what the fox says!

Pitch Your Tent! An International Camping Festival in China Promotes a Green Ethos


If you’re curious if people from mainland China do any camping, here is a festival that shows just how the the Chinese engage in the outdoors. In this most populated and vast country, Chinese citizens don’t always find the time for such leisure – as their work ethic and earnings often take priority over other activities. Although, with an increasing youthful, adventurous population, and rising disposable incomes, recreational activities such as snowboarding, camping and hiking are becoming more popular in the mainland.

Julian Mallard and his street art go around the world


Julien “Seth” Malland is a world traveling, street painting, socially conscious individual roaming the far places of this planet. Sometimes based in Paris, the street artist took a three year journey around the world to bring his art to remote areas. At different locations he would spend time with the local people, then create cheery pieces displaying children and colors to “liven up” the communities.

Children Daily Risking Their Lives for an Education


Next time you decide to complain about taking the bus to school, you might want to think again. In various parts of the world, some children go to extreme lengths to get to class. Stories about children walking long miles to get to school is already well documented, but did you ever hear about children risking their lives on they way? These images show a dangerous yet unfortunately necessary way that some kids get to class.

Colorful Explosions of Patriotism by Yocky Zhang

Everybody loves a little national pride. Whether it is from Sweden, Italy, China or the States, Yocky Zhang has captured the symbolic essence of nations and what they stand for. Based in Shanghai, Zhang has worked as a photographer for the past 6 years and as his portfolio has expanded, so has his skill and eye.

Indonesian Photographer Spotlight

Yudha Nugraha is a photographer from Indonesia. His love for photography began when he was a little boy growing up in the historic town of Bogor, which is known for its lovely botanical gardens. Yudha was given a small 35mm Nikon camera and as he explored and discovered the beautiful areas of West Java, he would take pictures of his experience.