This Aquarium Counter Brings the Ocean Into the Kitchen

Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik is bringing the ocean into the kitchen with his incredible counter that uses a large aquarium for its base. Beneath the conventional white top (complete with stove and sink) are peaceful blue waters filled with a school of fish and mountainous rock features.

The Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table: A Rainbow Colored Glass Table That Puts All Other Tables To Shame

Art isn’t just for the walls and shelves, when you find clever pieces of furniture like this one. A beautiful work of art by Minneapolis-based designer, John Foster, this sculpture also doubles as a cocktail table. With colorful geometric prisms reflecting light all over the room, the “Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table” is sure to impress you and your guests. And with a price tag of just $12,000 on Fancy you can get one in every room!

Golf Ball Guts: An Inside Peek

1 Golf balls by James Friedman

Though not a golfer himself, photographer James Friedman had a collection of golf balls. He grew curious about what insides would look like, so he decided to cut them in half. In doing so, he revealed that the cores can be quite beautiful and made for a very interesting photo series which he called Interior Design. He used 20 different types of golf balls and all of them were vastly different. I always just assumed the inside was white like the outside, but Friedman shows that some interiors are brightly colored, some have rings of different materials, and some look otherworldly. You can’t judge a golf ball by it’s cover!

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Water Map: A Flat Wood Sink Modeled After London

Julia Kononenko Water Map 1

Seemingly flat sinks are hot these days, with many designs being produced that have little or no conventional basin. For many people, that’s not too much of a problem – most of our water splashing happens in the shower anyway. Now Julia Kononenko, a designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has taken the flat sink concept in a new direction, creating a laminated wood block featuring a pattern of channels modeled after the streets of central London. When used, the (presumably slow flowing) water enters the channels and subtly travels to a drain hidden in the back.

Visual Bits #398 > Humble Abodes, Big And Small

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Inside the Amazing New Google Offices in Tel Aviv

Google Offices Tel Aviv 0

Just when you thought your office space was cool, here comes a new Google office design. Google has been known to provide great offices for their employees for years now and as a company have been committed to providing fun and stimulating workspaces for their employees. By doing so, they create environments where creative ideas flow. Some of these ideas end up becoming the next best product for Google.

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