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IRIS: Interactive, Expanding Dots Mimic Your Movements

Tuesday 09.25.2012 , Posted by

The world has exploded with hacks of the Microsoft Kinect and its ability to track the body’s movements, but the majority of examples use a conventional screen. The aptly titled IRIS breaks this trend, using a very unique and beautiful matrix of clear LCD screens. Each monochromatic unit has the ability to display a phased, opening and closing, black “iris” of either solid or concentric circles. Linking this to the Kinect, you get a screen which can roughly emulate the shape of peoples bodies using a artful halftone like pattern. [Read more...]


The Enlightened Happy Hour: An Interactive Drink Guide

Thursday 09.13.2012 , Posted by

As more restaurants make their nutrition information available, patrons are becoming all too aware of the shocking calorie counts behind some of their favorite menu items. Gut-busting appetizers like Chili’s Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Chips (1,520 calories), Cheesecake Factory’s Factory Nachos with Spicy Chicken (1,930 calories), or Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion (1,959 calories) are dangerously delicious. [Read more...]


Movie Galaxies: Tracing the Social Networks in Movies

Thursday 08.16.2012 , Posted by

You know those movie discussions you have with friends – the ones that last for hours, tracing the connections between characters from complex movies like the Godfather, Casino or Twin Peaks? Well, imagine if that conversation could be translated into a star chart like galaxy, drawing each social connection as a line between each character. What you’d have is something which looks a lot like the clever site MovieGalaxies. [Read more...]


Vizify: A Slick, Sharable, Online Presence in Minutes

Wednesday 08.08.2012 , Posted by

Where do people you meet go looking for information about you? In the ever-increasing digital world, the obvious answer is: online. As our personal internet presence increases exponentially – doubling about each year according to none other than Mark Zuckerberg – the online face we show to the world is increasingly important. So, where do we send people to show them what we want, giving them the best first, second and third impression? It wasn’t an easy choice, until now. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #228> Building The Bizarre And Beautiful

Friday 07.06.2012 , Posted by

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London Streets Become an Experimental Symphony

Wednesday 06.27.2012 , Posted by

In an age of ever louder sounds surrounding our daily life, designer Mark McKeague asks an interesting question: “can the city become a symphony?” We’re not talking about simply using jackhammers and the sound of passing busses to create some form of Stomp like cacophony of crashes and bangs, but rather using modern technology to create synthesized sounds which could be quite beautiful. [Read more...]


Know Your Roots: Column Five Hometowns

Tuesday 06.19.2012 , Posted by

In this digital age, we work and have contact with people who we’ve never met in person. The only thing we may know about them is through email exchanges, Twitter feeds, and maybe Instagram photos — if we’ve been lucky enough for even that. With face-to-face interaction giving way to online interactions, it’s still nice to humanize your company and team every once in a while. Column Five, our parent company, put together this interactive to show where everyone on their team was originally born, and how some 20+ years later they all ended up working together under the same roof. [Read more...]


Why Cities? Ending Climate Change Begins in the City

Friday 06.08.2012 , Posted by

The climate change debate has been going on for years, with people on both sides of the fence arguing for its existence — and against it. It’s hard to argue or turn a blind eye to the fact that, as the world’s population continues to grow, cities are becoming more and more crowded and the day-to-day pollution put into the environment by humans is starting to have an effect on our world. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) is a network of the world’s mega cities committed to addressing climate change, and have a meaningful global impact. They have created this stellar interactive graphic to help spread the news. [Read more...]


The Prepaid Card Mine Field

Thursday 05.31.2012 , Posted by

Seriously, who doesn’t want a prepaid card sponsored by the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” Lil’ Wayne, the hip-hop and clothing mogul Russell Simmons, or the internationally acclaimed personal finance expert Suze Orman? With these celebrity endorsements, prepaid cards have become big business – but are they really a solid investment? Most people think all they have to do is put money on the card, spend the money until it’s gone and then refill the card when you get around to it. But we know better than to think it’s really that easy, right? [Read more...]


Number of Babies Born On Every Day Of The Year

Friday 05.18.2012 , Posted by

Some people really enjoy the holidays and get into the spirit. It’s a time to visit with family and relatives, drink some spiked eggnog, exchange gifts, and pass out on the sofa watching James Bond 007 marathons (why James Bond marathons are always on during the holidays we don’t understand, but fully support). Some people take having a little bit of fun and turn the nob up to 11, one wilder than 10. Cue your parents when they were dating… they enjoyed the holidays entirely and created you (too much information?). [Read more...]

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