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IRIS: Interactive, Expanding Dots Mimic Your Movements

Tuesday 09.25.2012 , Posted by

The world has exploded with hacks of the Microsoft Kinect and its ability to track the body’s movements, but the majority of examples use a conventional screen. The aptly titled IRIS breaks this trend, using a very unique and beautiful matrix of clear LCD screens. Each monochromatic unit has the ability to display a phased, opening and closing, black “iris” of either solid or concentric circles. Linking this to the Kinect, you get a screen which can roughly emulate the shape of peoples bodies using a artful halftone like pattern. [Read more…]


Interactive Crystals React to Light and Sound

Monday 09.24.2012 , Posted by

It seems the near future of technology will be all about how it interacts with the humans it serves. Cars which can drive you where you want to go without touching the wheel; computers which search the web without lifting a finger; and music and lighting which knows when to come on as you enter a room. Even artwork is harnessing these expanding technologies, providing interactive experiences for observers which go beyond the traditional museum fare. [Read more…]


Swiss Designer Creates Gigantic Interactive Guestbook

Wednesday 09.12.2012 , Posted by

Do you have a message you’d like to share? Swiss designer Thiabault Brevet has designed and programmed an over-sized forum that writes out anonymous user-submitted messages to engage the visitors of his show. The Grand-Central message board began as his graduation project at the University of Art and Design Lausanne. Messages are submitted at Grand-Central and then sent to a massive newspaper printer rigged with 3 wide-tipped poster markers that has been programmed to write out each submission in the order which they are received. [Read more…]


In Order to Control: Typography Shadows

Tuesday 06.05.2012 , Posted by

It’s a strange experience when you see your shadow and it doesn’t match up with reality… especially when it’s made of bright, moving text. That’s the experience visitors to the Freemote Arts and Co-Creation Festival were treated to in Utrecht, Holland. The interactive experience, created by Nota Bene and called In Order to Control, featured a patch of moving text on the floor of the display space. When curious observers stepped onto the patch of typography to read it, their silhouette was cast on the wall before them in the same moving text. It was as if their shadow had been cut from the floor below and moved to the wall. Clever. [Read more…]


Modifying Social Behavior With Wild Benches

Tuesday 05.08.2012 , Posted by

Public space is a funny thing. People mostly seem to be avoiding each other or trying to make some form of meaningful contact… often, paradoxically, at the same time. The park bench is a perfect example of this — one person sits down and for the most part, that is now their bench. But what if benches were loads of fun to be around and on? Enter the amusing, interactive seating of Jeppe Hein. [Read more…]


A Nearly Life-Sized Los Angeles Made of Cardboard

Friday 11.25.2011 , Posted by

Los Angeles is a city of colorful extremes: at once a exotic star filled architectural playground and sprawling urban jungle of low-slung suburbia. Taking her cues from the less opulent spots in the city, artist Ana Serrano has created a colorful, nearly life-sized version of the place she was born and raised… out of cardboard. Her large, room filling work, features the myriad storefronts you would find wandering the streets of LA, from nail salons, to liquor stores and sex shops, all with their signature hand-painted signage, sparse plant life and brilliant paint jobs. This isn’t the high end of the city, but it’s certainly full of life and character. [Read more…]