Surprising Dos and Don’ts of Eating Sushi

As an avid sushi eater – possibly verging on the obsessed – I was surprised to see how many traditional Japanese sushi eating customs I am breaking according to this tasty graphic. Did you know you’re not supposed to mix wasabi with your soy sauce? Did you know the side dish of ginger is used only as a palate cleanser? Check out this helpful bunch of dos and don’ts for an authentic sushi eating experience. Oh, and those of you having trouble with chopsticks: good news. You can use their fingers at will.

Beer Craft: A Graphical Explanation of Home Brewing

There’s not much in life better than drinking a cold, sudsy bottle of beer crafted by yourself. Brewing beer isn’t rocket science, but that’s not what you’d think when looking at most beer brewing books. They’re filled with calculations, charts and chapter upon chapter about the subtleties of crafting the perfect brew. While this may be handy for the seasoned home brewer, it is far more complex than the beginning, or even average, home brewer needs to create a good beer of their own. This gorgeous and useful new book, Beer Craft, explores the basics to the intermediate steps involved in the craft, all visualized using a heavy graphical style that makes the whole process go down smoothly.

Fashionable Illustrations With a Retro Flair

Ever dreamed of looking like a stylish cowboy or beatnik? These clever illustrations will have you square-dancing or spitting poetry in no time. With a strong Mid-Century influence, artist Toby Neighbors tells stories through his detailed and entertaining illustrations, often putting an emphasis on style trends and pop culture. His work has been featured at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, the Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta, the Owl & Lion in Edinburgh and recently at the Compound Gallery in Portland. See more of his work at