PrintSnap: A Home-Built Camera That Prints on Receipt Paper (and Almost for Free)

Holding a physical photograph is a rarity in this age of digital photography, but Seattle-based electrical engineer Michael Ciuffo has come up with an unusual way to put lots of images on paper for very, very little cash. He’s using an ordinary roll of receipt paper as his instant film.

INSTAPRINT: An Instagram Photobooth at SXSW

Many of us long for the days of instant film, the tactile fun of having a print in your hand in a matter of seconds. The classic square prints had a color, and feel all their own. Well, for the many lovers of Instagram and those of you lucky enough to be at SXSW in the coming days, there’s going to be a very cool new toy to play with. Instaprint, is a tiny wall mounted cube that acts as a location based photo booth for Instagram users.

Still Developing: A Celebration of Polaroid Film

No medium has quite provided instant gratification like the now discontinued Polaroid 600 film. Snap a shot, wait a minute and you had a uniquely hued print that only instant film could provide.