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Painting With Lights: Ephemeral Street Art Created with a Digital Projector

Thursday 03.20.2014 , Posted by
painting with lights

Back in 2012, we covered an artist who projected images of Buddhist deities onto trees in Cambodia. This French photographer is utilizing a similar method to project images on the urban environment around him, and seriously spicing it up. Phillip Echaroux desired to give something back to his hometown of Marseille, and while he works with celebrities professionally, he found that the projector could provide a way for him to gift back his talent. [Read more...]


Large Scale Life-Sized Elephant Created From a Single 50 x 50 Ft Piece of Paper

Friday 03.14.2014 , Posted by

At age 5, Sipho Mabona created his very first paper airplane. By the time he was 20, when he had run out of designs for paper airplanes, he looked to origami to help him visualize more original designs. Now, based in Luzern, Switzerland, Mabona creates beautiful origami designs that have won him many awards and much praise. With the help of a team of 10 people financed by an Indiegogo campaign for $26,000, he was able to turn a single 50 x 50 ft piece of paper into a life-size origami elephant. [Read more...]


These Two Artists Are Living Together in a Gigantic Hamster Wheel

Wednesday 03.05.2014 , Posted by
Hamster Wheel Scott Lynch 1

If you thought sharing a small apartment was difficult, imagine being these two artists sharing a gigantic hamster wheel. Taking the challenges of co-habitation to a new level, Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have taken up residence for 10 days on a giant 25 foot wheel furnished mostly with orange and red Ikea furniture… that matches their hip orange and red jumpsuits. Shelley is living inside at the bottom, because he’s afraid of heights, and Schweder is living outside on the top, some 30 feet off the ground. The piece is called In Orbit. [Read more...]


A Mid-Century Museum Transforms into an Art Space, Inviting Viewers to Step Inside the Exhibits

Monday 09.30.2013 , Posted by


“Look, but don’t touch… and certainly don’t walk into the display case!” Most museums in the past were treasure houses of artifacts that were strictly off limits from human interaction; “and don’t you dare touch that stuffed mountain lion!” But today we’re seeing an increasing number of museums encouraging patrons to reach out and interact with the exhibits around them – after all, we do have 5 senses. Alois Kronschlaeger’s recent project Habitat took the wonderfully mid-century Mammal Hall of the former Grand Rapids Public Museum, transforming it into a site-specific installation that re-imagined what a museum could be in fabulously creative and interactive ways. [Read more...]


White Bed Frames Take Montreal: 30 Lits by Kanva

Friday 09.06.2013 , Posted by

Kanva 30 Lits

30 Lits – French for 30 Beds – is an urban art installation by Montreal multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Kanva. Located in an abandoned lot in Montreal’s city center, 30 bed frames appear beside the sidewalk as if out of nowhere. [Read more...]


Vibrant, Fractal Floor Installations at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands

Friday 08.09.2013 , Posted by

1 suzan drummen

Like peering into a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen has created gigantic, colorful floor decor. Using chromed metal, mirrors, crystals, and stones she cleverly arranged the shiny bits into stunning geometric arrangements. Like fractals, from afar the shapes look bold and beautiful, but upon looking more closely the intricate details can be seen. The installation is on display at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands. Lustrous circles and spirals extend from the floor to the walls, creating a gorgeous rainbow of colors for visitors to interact with. [Read more...]


Hollowed Out TV Sets Become Miniature Worlds

Wednesday 05.15.2013 , Posted by

1 Zhang Xiangxi TV

Have you ever wondered what will happen to all the cathode ray tube televisions now that most people have switched to flatscreens? Chinese artist Zhang Xiangxi has re-purposed a few of them into a diorama like record of some of the rooms from his life- his old workspace in Guangzhou, the workers’ dormitory he once lived in, his parent’s sitting room, and the interior of a train carriage. He even created his “dream home.” He hollows out the old televisions, then intricately sculpts miniature furniture, wall art, and yes-even televisions! He doesn’t try to make perfect little dollhouse worlds, he includes all of the clutter that a real room would have.
[Read more...]


Faceted Sculptures in the Urban World

Wednesday 05.15.2013 , Posted by

David Mesguich Faceted Sculptures 5

A gigantic face emerges from the pavement, its features faceted into sharp geometric forms, its color various shades of urban gray. With unseeing eyes cast upward towards the sky, it dwarfs passerby like a sleeping modern day giant born of the city. This is the work of Brussels based David Mesguich, an artist who has been working with polypropylene plastic to build impressive sculptural forms. His work blends the aesthetic of street art with that of the digital world, bringing something that appears computer generated to life before us. [Read more...]


Remarkable Sculptures on Humans and Nature

Wednesday 04.03.2013 , Posted by


Viewed from the back, Olga Ziemska’s Stillness in Motion is only a bush of twigs, or at the most a tied bundle; but walk around to the front and you come face-to-face with a womanly figure cut with precision into the round wood sticks. Such is the case with much of this artists surprising work, at once looking familiar and then changing into something wholly unexpected. [Read more...]


Bec Wonders Invites You to “Step Inside”

Tuesday 04.02.2013 , Posted by

Bec Wonders Step Inside 8Bec Wonders Step Inside 1

Sometimes walking into an art gallery is anything but inviting. We enter into a space often as quiet as a library (or quieter), find expensive art with little or no clue to its meaning… and all of it has a strict “no touching” policy. That’s one of the many charms behind Edinburgh based Bec Wonders’ recent exhibition – as its name perfectly expresses, viewers were invited to “Step Inside” the artwork itself. [Read more...]

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