Mr. Happy Man: 88 Year Old Shares Daily Love

When people first encounter 88 year old Johnny Barnes, standing on a traffic island, waving his arms and blowing kisses at the many cars driving by, they probably wonder about his sanity. Yet, this charming and youthful fellow has more wisdom to share about life and love than almost anyone you’ll encounter. Each day, Barnes spends 6 hours, rain or shine, waving to cars, sharing love with passerby and doing his very best to better the world through his presence. In the beautiful film below, you’ll find he’s far from crazy, but rather has a beautiful and simple philosophy on life from which we can all learn.

Storytelling with Sand

With only a few handfuls of smooth volcanic sand, a ligthbox, and a projector, Kseniya Simonova moves audiences with her sand art performance. The fluid gestures of her arms tossing and wiping the sand, all in sync with the accompanying music, brings her stories to life. Simonova’s face remains expressionless during her shows, letting her movement and sand reveal her true emotions.

A Hobbit Home for Under $5000

With nothing more than hand tools, friends, family and a desire to avoid an expensive, unsustainable home, Simon Dale built his own. As a staunch advocate for low impact living, and with only a meager income, 32 year-old Dale decided to build a home in a hillside in Wales, one that he and his family could own outright and was sustainably hand-built directly in the middle of the forest. The design has an uncanny resemblance to Hobbit homes in the Lord of the Rings films, which has contributed to its rise in popularity.

The Say Something Poster Project

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to the next generation of youth, what would you say? The Say Something Poster Project has invited artists to do just that in the form of a poster, one that they will then donate to a non-profit organization to hang on their facility walls.

French Toast and Hugs Change the World

Birthed at Burning Man, Shyam Vasant Yadav started French Toast and Hugs (FTX) back in 2000. I had the pleasure of meeting Shyam at Burning Man 2009 as part of his very fun, welcoming camp and just being around this positive guy gave me a refreshing look at life. His happy perspective is infectious: from simple stories about his favorite slice of pizza to introducing me to the relaxing music of Hammock.

What a perfect person to start a project that hands out hugs and french toast at no cost, for the simple pleasure of making people happy. Together with his FTX gang (you get a numbered jersey for lending a hand or spatula), he has fed an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 people around the world: cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Auckland, Santa Monica, New York, Melbourne and Jodphur.

Scott London Captures The Magic of Burning Man

Scott London has beautifully captured Burning Man once again. This year, the behemoth desert based event (which sold out for the first time in 25 years) seemed to me even grander in scale then in years past. There were so many major pieces of art burning that I could barely keep up.

In the exclusive interview below, London was kind to answer a few questions about his experience this year at Burning Man and how he captures his incredible shots in such a harsh, dusty environment. Just a small sampling of his diverse portfolio, see many more photographs at

Beautiful Portraits Made With Old Wine Corks

Some artists like to be inspired over a nice bottle of wine; artist Scott Gundersen however, lets others enjoy the wine and makes art from the differently dyed corks. For his most recent portrait “Grace”, he used a total of 9,217 corks to create the beautiful and surprisingly detailed image. Be sure to see the video below for a time-lapse of the final 50 hours of the 200 hour project, and for how Gundersen cleverly organizes his corks by shade. For more, check out

Crank Balls: A Dismal World Transformed by Color

In a dismal, black and white world of number crunching, three rotund characters lead an angry depressing existence… until one day a mysterious splash of color changes everything and infects the land with fun and happiness. Stop motion animator, David Bell created this short animation ‘Crank Balls’ all the way back in 2007 but it has only recently been released to an online audience. We’re sure the bright film will put a smile on your face.

Painting Beauty With A Splash Of Color

Celebrating the female form in pencil and vibrant splashes of watercolor, Barcelona based artist Conrad Roset’s intimate artworks express bold sensuality and beauty. He has recently released a video of his process creating the piece displayed above, showing his deft skill at freehand drawing and his spontanious yet perfectly chosen application of color.

Daily Doodles For A Wise Noodle

Multi-talented artist, product designer and animator Jeremyville has some good advice for you… and it’s here in the form of his daily Community Service Announcements on Facebook. Each of the charming drawings has a clever bit of life advice that could really put a smile on your day or if you buy one of his prints, a whole lot longer.