Data + Design Project: The Bubble Charts of March

Here at Visual News, we’ve been looking for designers/illustrators to participate in an ongoing design series called the Data + Design Project. As an off-shoot of Column Five Media, we are ardent supporters of the union between data and design, so in February we started curating the Data + Design project gallery as a way to show how flexible and beautiful data visualizations can actually be.

Wack Weed Attitudes: Where Do People Really Stand?

The quest to legalize marijuana has been long and arduous. For over 40 years the legalization movement has been gaining support  — from 12% public support in 1969 to roughly 50% support in 2011 — more people than ever are in favor of legalization. According to the graphic below, these numbers rise astronomically to 70% in favor of legalizing doctor-prescribed marijuana. Still, state and federal lawmakers are among the minority of supporters. Many believe in the criminalization of marijuana, regardless of its proven track record for being a better alternative — and less grim reaper friendly — than prescription drugs and legal self-medication.

How The New York Times Tracks Twitter Secrets in 3D

For those of us that use Twitter, it’s an often mysterious and intangible process that happens once we hit the “tweet” button and our 140 character expression is launched out to the web universe. What is the impact of a single tweet? Who hears our message and who shares it? Where does it travel once it has left our hands? These and other questions have been difficult to visualize, considering Twitters rather slippery nature… until now, when the New York Times R&D Lab has been perfecting a system they call Cascade.

Rolling Back Home: Wheelchair Around the World

Meet Peter Donnelly

Let me introduce you to Peter Donnelly from the UK. He’s an amazing soul who has been traveling around the world, going to such exotic lands as Bangladesh, India, Tibet and Japan. He’s logged in over 8,000 miles, seen some amazing sites and shared his friendship with others… and did I mention Peter is a paraplegic?

Are All Size 8’s The Same? Dress Sizes Demystified

Shopping for clothing can be an utterly baffling experience… especially for women who ever since “off-the-rack” clothing have been forced to put up with a single digit sizing system. While you might be a size 8 in one store you very well could be a size 4 somewhere else. Adding to the confusion different brands use different figures, so a size 4 from one maker may be the same as another… except in the hips. This handy graphic from The New York Times may help to quell some of the confusion, and who knows, maybe it will make that pile of clothes you take to the changing room a little smaller.

Add Local Expertise With Google Map Maker: USA

Google Maps has come to be an extraordinary tool for people to use in their search for locations, and as a route planner for traveling by car, public transportation, and on foot. Google Maps uses satellite images to show street level information and terrain but there hasn’t been highly detailed information about the ever changing landscapes of actual neighborhoods… until Google Map Maker.

Life Expectancy & Retirement Years Worldwide

Just how long do people in your country live and how long do they take for retirement? Life expectancy varies from country to country as does the length we reserve towards the end. This side by side comparison reveals that Austrians can expect many free twilight years, while many Mexicans are getting none.

The Expressionist: A Philosophy of Design

Renowned designer Michael Wolff shares his wisdom of how he sees the world. One good reason to take note of this video: Wolff has over 50 years experience in his field, not a number to knock by any standard. He explains his design philosophy and how his obsession with curiosity, appreciation, and imagination have lead to his success.

The Shape of Design: It’s How We Define It

What exactly is design and how would we define it? Is it making something function well or making it look good? Graphic designer, illustrator and educator, Frank Chimero speaks at the Build Conference about historical views of design and the great importance of knowing many things outside of the field. Design is more a vessel than an object, he says, it’s primary worth being what it holds.

The United States of Kink

Inspired by his own experience with dating sites, R. Luke Dubois created the graphic you see above. Titled “A More Perfect Union,” it sources information from a number of major dating sites and ranks each region, broken down by gender and the local desire for kink. If you’re looking for a wild time, check out the women of Alaska or West Virginia. Women, what about those guys in the southern New Mexico desert?