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The Secret to a Sound Ocean

Friday 06.15.2012 , Posted by

Acoustics mean different things to different species. As humans, we need sound to hear our favorite music, the roar of the crowd (insert activity here), and sirens so we don’t get flattened by a firetruck or freight train. While hearing is an enjoyable part of living a fulfilled life, we can get by without it. Whales on the other hand, have a harder time. Whales are auditory creatures, meaning hearing is essential to their communication, navigation, feeding, and breeding. Imagine if we couldn’t hear then we couldn’t breed? I’d rather go blind. [Read more...]


Smile for the Cell Phone! – New Photography Trends

Monday 06.11.2012 , Posted by

When was the last time you used a point and shoot camera to capture a photo? If you’re like most Americans, it’s been awhile. As the quality of mobile phone cameras continues to improve, more and more people are leaving their point and shoot cameras at home, preferring the ease of one “tool” for everything. It’s no wonder that Kodak has recently declared bankruptcy. Over the past year, the percentage of all pictures taken with a mobile phone has increased by ten percent. As the purchase of point and shoot cameras continues to drop, mobile phone sales even surpassed personal computers for the first time in 2011. [Read more...]


Student Loan Debt: How Big Will the Bubble Grow?

Thursday 06.07.2012 , Posted by

It’s universally understood that college is an expensive place, and there’s no easy way of escaping graduation without incurring some amount of debt. The real question is, “just how much?” When you talk to people about their student loans, it’s not uncommon to hear them bragging about only owing $10,000 – which isn’t too bad for a quality education – but there are people who graduate with so much more than that. The sheer explosion of student loan debt has many people worrying that we are watching another financial bubble in the making. [Read more...]


The Bountiful Year: A Visual Guide To Seasonal Produce

Wednesday 06.06.2012 , Posted by

The best chefs in the world will tell you a dish is only as good as its ingredients. Every kind of produce tastes better at the height of its season. Tomatoes are juicier, strawberries are sweeter, and pretty much any other fruit, vegetable, or herb is better when eaten during its natural harvest. [Read more...]


Zed’s Dead: Pulp Fiction in Chronological Order

Tuesday 06.05.2012 , Posted by

Love him or hate him, Quentin Tarantino weaves a pretty mean and engaging story… and in the case of his second major release, the now classic Pulp Fiction, that story is engagingly complex. You could watch the films drug abusing, law breaking crew a load of times and still catch small elements which pop out, unnoticed until the 3rd or 4th screening. Now, designer Noah Daniel Smith has put together an extensive timeline detailing the many intermingling paths of the film characters, tracing their moves through the film in chronological order based on the time each event happens, starting with the epic story of the gold watch and finishing up with a ride on Zed’s chopper. It’s an insightful look into the craft of cinematic storytelling. [Read more...]


The Changing Lives of Arab Youth

Friday 06.01.2012 , Posted by

Life in the Arab world has not been the same since the Arab Spring uprisings began in Tunisia a year and a half ago. The Arab Spring spread through neighboring countries, carving out the destructive paths of rebels and insurgents fighting against the various governments. These upheavals have changed the economic and political landscape of the Arab world for years to come, with corrupt leaders and harsh dictators being removed from power after decades of rule. The question posed here: where does this leave the youth of the Arab world? [Read more...]


The Weight of the Nation

Monday 05.28.2012 , Posted by

It’s no surprise that the United States is facing an alarming obesity problem (no surprise because most people can name the location of every fast food joint in town, but hit a wall when asked about the times and locations of their local farmers markets). It would be too quick and easy to blame individuals for eating too much and exercising too little, mainly because the causes are complex and involve many sometimes complex factors. [Read more...]


The Price of Free: What’s the Freemium Economy About?

Wednesday 05.23.2012 , Posted by

There are tons of great things out in the tech world right now that are free: social networking sites, productivity apps, games, and music sites are all jumping on the bandwagon. What exactly is freemium, and how does a business plan like this ever expect to make money? Freemium is a portmanteau of “free” and “premium,” and is a marketing model based on the idea of charging absolutely nothing for a basic product or service — and the Android and iPhone app stores are filled with them. [Read more...]


Working Out In The Workplace

Tuesday 05.22.2012 , Posted by

It’s no secret that Americans spend quite a bit of time at their desk while they’re at work, but did you realize that it’s close to roughly a third of their entire time spent there? Exercise is a vital and important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and anything you can do to keep yourself fit will help you out in the long run. Just because you’re in a cubicle and not out on the field or court doesn’t mean there still aren’t things you can do at work to stay fit. [Read more...]


Self-Learning: The New Master’s Degree

Saturday 05.19.2012 , Posted by

The free wheeling heydays of paying 100s of thousands of dollars for an education while driving around with the top down screaming, “Money ain’t a thang,” times may soon be over. People are getting tired of paying an exorbitant amount of money for a quality education — and not even the best in the world. Employers are starting to care less and less about your degree, or where you went to school; but, more about the actual skills you possess. Self-learning is becoming the new way to advance your education, learn new skills, and may become the master’s degree of the future.
[Read more...]

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