A Family Tree of Creative Business Neighbors

When you work among nearly 70 creative businesses, individuals and organizations — from a BBC office to a playhouse and even a life drawing school — what do you do to introduce everyone? Create a beautiful infographic of course! Split recently produced a family tree of their very creative neighbors for the first ever Quarry Hill Social, an event designed to not only raise public awareness but also foster relationships between the many highly crafty and cultural businesses tucked into Quarry Hill in Leeds U.K.

The Cost of Bad Buy/Sell Decisions

Despite popular Hollywood portrayals of how investing works — a smart suit and someone with the last name Sheen or Douglas usually does the trick — research shows that most of us still try to time the market, typically resulting in buying high and selling low. No one likes being told they’re wrong or that they don’t have a grasp on the situation, but this graphic could be helpful in examining why many of our buy/sell decisions are wrong, why they cause damage to our portfolios, and how there can be better ways to invest for maximum returns over the long run.

The Many Faces of the Internet User

The Internet has graduated from its days of being the wild wild west, into a budding modern menagerie of personalities, personas, and psychos. You are likely to encounter several of these types of personalities as you browse through your feeds at Tumblr, Facebook, Mashable, Reddit, 4chan, Gawker, and your favorite design/art/music blogs. The Internet can be a confusing thing to navigate, and a journey into the dark heart of its users can help educate you about their different personalities.

The Recipe for Writing Success? Kill Your Characters

Ok aspiring fiction writers, if you’ve ever wondered how to write a successful novel, the secret is here: kill off your characters. Of the handful of books that won the prestigious Man Booker Prize in 2011, all 13 novels had the common theme of putting to death main characters… it’s a lot like the plot of Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction… everyone knows the story won’t be as good without a solid death.

9 Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar

A lot of people may think that the current adopters of home solar power are your stereotypical tree-hugging, left-leaning, well-to-do ex-hippies; those who can’t stop raving about their organic fruit purchases or their latest discovery of granola combinations from Mother’s Market. Although this seems like a logical analysis of past homeowners who went solar, it’s simply not true anymore, and some of the reasons might even leave you a little bit perplexed.

The Case For Facebook: Its Effects on Work Productivity

Social media has become an ever increasing part of our lives over the past few years. Five years ago Facebook was just a place to connect with friends you knew and foster relationships with new ones. Today, everyone and their mother (grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and cat) are on Facebook; so it’s no surprise employees are going on social networks, and even browsing them in the office. The corporate debate over allowing employees to partake in these activities during work hours is a controversial one.

Titanic by the Numbers

The sinking of the Titanic has gone down in history as one of the greatest follies of all time: the “unsinkable” ship was swallowed whole by the vast Atlantic ocean on its maiden voyage. With interest being revitalized in the ship with the release of James Cameron’s Titanic 3D, it’s time to take a look back on the specifics about one of the most famous ships to ever sail the seven seas.

Why Americans Don’t Recycle

Recycling is done by just half of Americans daily, and 13 percent don’t recycle at all. Even though they understand the benefits to our environment and economy, their ineptitude of what can and can’t be recycled, doubled with their finding the process inconvenient and time-consuming, is becoming a major hinderance to recycling efforts all across the United States.

Tracking Your Team Through the Baseball Season

Here in the States, Baseball season is upon us and the country is looking forward to a long and exciting year of stolen bases, double-plays and epic walk-off home runs. How are things going to pan out for your team? This beautiful interactive poster helps you track the data of your favorite team, game by game, through the full season… by the time October rolls around you’ll have a full, ready to frame visualization of how your team faired, from first pitch to their final standings.

Smart Phone Battery Saving 101

Good battery life is becoming an increasing concern for smartphone owners: a working phone = happiness. So many of our everyday functions are now conducted with the swipe of a finger. Tasks like shopping, paying bills, playing games, creating music and interacting with friends are now normal things to do on a smartphone… and those are just a few of the things you lose when your battery goes dead. A recent survey done by SwiftKey shows that out of 23,000 smartphone users surveyed, 59 percent of those looking to buy a new smartphone thought good battery life was essential. Just how important was that? Only 32 percent of the group said price was an essential decision maker.