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Where Did My Tweet Go? 3D Chart of Your Twitter Reach

Friday 03.23.2012 , Posted by

What happens when you send out a tweet into the wilds of the internet? Does it soar to the heights of Twitter stardom or bomb with nary a retweet? Even now, it’s pretty difficult to see with any certainty information about your 140 character message: like who you’ve reached, the number of retweets after it’s left your direct circle of connections or how large that group actually is. Now, along with a few other projects, Where Did My Tweet Go? is planning to soon offer a solution that is as functional as it is visually attractive. [Read more…]


Visualizing the Egypt Influence Network

Monday 02.14.2011 , Posted by

“Egypt is the crystal ball in which the Arab world sees its future,” says Kovas Boguta, creator of this infographic analyzing Twitter communication surrounding the unrest in Egypt. The map is arranged to place individual Twitter users close to the people with which they communicate. The red and blue dots represent which language users choose to communicate with, English or Arabic (a choice that itself can be meaningful). The size of the dots represent the individuals relative influence on the social network as a whole. [Read more…]


INFLUENCERS: A Mini Documentary to Inspire

Friday 11.05.2010 , Posted by

INFLUENCERS is a short and inspiring web-based documentary about those people who influence society and culture, creating trends that become contagious. Centering around creative people in New York fashion, design, advertising and entertainment, the film attempts to answer the question: What makes a person influential?

Influencers was written and directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson. You can find out more about the film at or on Facebook at​influencersfilm.

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