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Faceless “Watch” Vibrates Every 5 Minutes… All Day Long

Tuesday 02.18.2014 , Posted by

Have you ever noticed that when you’re bored time seems to move more slowly and when you’re having fun it flies by? Durr is a new ‘watch’ device created to give you an enhanced perception of the rate at which time passes. This wristwatch-looking accessory gently vibrates every 5 minutes causing a perpetual hyperawareness of the speed of time. [Read more...]


Real-Life Objects Get Digitized, Remixed, and Beautifully 3D Printed Back into Reality

Tuesday 02.04.2014 , Posted by
M Plummer Fernandez Digital Natives 1

M Plummer-Fernandez is taking everyday objects, 3D scanning them with a digital camera, digitally distorting them and bringing them back into reality with a 3D printer. The result are objects that look like they popped off the screen – strangely bridging the gap between the distant past and the near future. [Read more...]


How Creatives Work: The Visual Playground of Charles and Ray Eames

Friday 12.20.2013 , Posted by
charlesandrayeames (1)

Charles and Ray Eames were more than just designers. One of the visual arts most famous and influential married couples, they redefined much of the world that now surrounds us. They also touched multiple disciplines, leaving their mark on architecture, furniture design, interior design, exhibition design, toy design, fine art, photography, and film. They saw themselves as educators and they were definitely innovators. [Read more...]


Hovenring: This is the First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

Wednesday 10.30.2013 , Posted by

Hovenring header 2

When a roundabout intersection in the bicycle loving Netherlands became too busy for cars and bikes to share space, the design agency ipv Delft came up with a beautiful solution to separate the two transportation forms completely: an elevated bicycle roundabout. Located on the border of Endhoven and Veldhoven, the bike path is fittingly called the Hovenring (yeah, we read that hover-ring at first too). The structure holds the distinction of being the first suspended bicycle roundabout in the world. [Read more...]


Who Knew that Disposable Plates Could be Stylishly Designed? Biodegradable TableWare by Wasara

Tuesday 10.22.2013 , Posted by


Have you seen what the kids are eating their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off of these days?  I have fond memories of hot summer days eating lunch sandwiches from the classic round paper plates with ruffled edges. Those plates were great! Except that they stuck together…. and they were kinda ugly… and I threw away about a bazillion into landfills from ages 5 to 13. Ahh, yes… the 90s.  The Millennial kids are better than that. They are growing up in an age where people are environmentally aware and design conscious (hopefully).  Wasara has reinvented the ‘disposable’ paper plate with their collection of beautiful AND biodegradable tableware bringing us a tad closer to lifestyle perfection. [Read more...]


Design in a Nutshell: From Gothic Revival to Postmodernism in 12 Minutes

Wednesday 08.21.2013 , Posted by

Design in a Nutshell

Finding yourself a bit confused about the difference between Modern and Post-modern? Need a refresher on the Arts and Crafts movement and its impact on society as a whole? This 6 part series from The Open University promises to enlighten and entertain in quick, easy doses. The series covers Gothic Revival, Arts and Crafts, the Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design and Postmodernism, providing either a good introduction or quick refresher to the what made these movements important. [Read more...]


Bloom: A Bookshelf Inspired by a Weaving Loom

Wednesday 05.22.2013 , Posted by

Bloom Bookshelf by Raw Edges 1

On display last month at Milan Design Week: UK based design studio Raw-Edges’ traveling bookcase called Bloom. The fascinating bespoke design was created to evoke the form of a weaving loom (hence its clever name). Each book is held suspended on one of the bookcase’s many strings by movable, sliding black stoppers. In this way the books take center stage, floating in space at varied heights that observers can adjust themselves. The design encourages viewers to explore each book as an individual, analyzing not only their written words but also their physical form. [Read more...]


Water Map: A Flat Wood Sink Modeled After London

Wednesday 04.03.2013 , Posted by

Julia Kononenko Water Map 1

Seemingly flat sinks are hot these days, with many designs being produced that have little or no conventional basin. For many people, that’s not too much of a problem – most of our water splashing happens in the shower anyway. Now Julia Kononenko, a designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has taken the flat sink concept in a new direction, creating a laminated wood block featuring a pattern of channels modeled after the streets of central London. When used, the (presumably slow flowing) water enters the channels and subtly travels to a drain hidden in the back. [Read more...]


Shred Again: Old Skateboards Become Electric Guitars

Wednesday 03.20.2013 , Posted by

Skate Guitar header

After the invention of the electric guitar in the 1940s and the skateboard in the 1950s, it was simply inevitable that somebody would combine the two classic instruments of shredding. Now Buenos Aires based duo, Ezequiel Galasso and Gianfranco de Gennaro have created Skate Guitar – a project which recycles old skate decks into something ready to soar again… at least in a musical sense. [Read more...]


Moniker: The Coolest Bike Handlebars You’ve Ever Seen

Monday 01.21.2013 , Posted by

Taylor Simpson Design Antler Handlebars 1

So you think your bike is cool? Think again. These handlebars are probably the most rad bespoke cycle gear you can get your hands on: genuine deer antlers fused with recycled metal to create a completely custom and completely awesome riding experience. As the pointy horns equally custom box proclaims, you’re sure to “leave your mark.” [Read more...]

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