Fingerboarding: Still Going Strong in Indonesia!



Fingerboarding is the art of using a miniature skateboard replica and maneuvering it with your fingers to perform tricks on mini ramps, rails and pipes. While fingerboarding has been around since the 1970s, it’s only became popular at certain periods. In the country of Indonesia, however, once fingerboarding was introduced it never lost its appeal. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of fingerboarders with competitions happening every week.

Real VW Beetles Transformed into a Sphere and Cube

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 1Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 7

The Volkswagen Beetle has one of the most iconic shapes in the automotive world. Its distinct bulbous form has been both admired and mocked since its introduction in the late 1930s… but few would deny the massive success of the little car. Recently Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor arrived at Art Basel Hong Kong with a sculpture that emphasizes the Beetles form to the extreme – a real 1953 Beetle transformed into a perfect sphere.

Wild Animals Invade the Supermarket

Agan Harahap 1

If human life disappeared from our planet, like in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us, wild animals would be welcome to peruse our grocery stores. This hilarious collection of photographs by Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap shows wild animals out of their natural or pseudo-natural zoo environments in a human territory where we never expect to see them. Harahap says, “Garden Fresh series investigates the shifting boundaries between humans and animals in today’s environment and the complex relationship between art and nature.”

What Does a Rabbit Dream About?

You don’t get much more surreal than the illustrations of Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono. Like a strange dream from the mind of a sleeping rabbit, nearly all his works feature the cuddly, long eared creatures in some state of unreal transformation… the kind only seen when your subconscious mind is at work. In one good example, a rabbit wearing one-piece pajamas floats into the air while a house grows from the top of his head, ears springing from its windows. As if the house itself is alive, an eye and ears sprout from its walls. The rabbit itself, with a serenely peaceful look on its face, waves a crystal pendent while books spring from the zipper in its clothing. Are these stories the source of the drawings inspiration?

It’s History! Superheroes in Old War Photos

History really could use more superheroes. In the crazy times we’ve witnessed in the last century, from revolutions galore, to the World Wars and nations wielding nuclear power, the thought of having someone super powered standing guard is a welcome thought. These photos bring that reality to life, placing superheroes in iconic vintage photographs alongside famous figures from history — Heinrich Himmler getting a lecture from Captain America, Superman protecting art treasures from looters and Batman looking over the shoulder of Fidel Castro. It’s not all perfect though… it seems you get your super villains along with your heros. Darth Vader hangs out at the meeting of Yalta with Stalin, FDR and Winston Churchill and the Joker messes with the SS.

Art Island: Artistic Video Postcards


Andrew Melikov is a wedding photographer by trade, but he is no ordinary wedding photographer. While capturing the big day for couples pays the bills, his work goes far beyond the white dresses and engagement rings. With many of the weddings in exotic locales around the globe he has taken to making video postcards that capture the destinations in an incredibly artistic way. With music backgrounds these video shorts leave you with a sense of wanderlust that will have you searching your favorite airfare sites for the latest cheap flight to somewhere exotic.

Indonesian Photographer Spotlight

Yudha Nugraha is a photographer from Indonesia. His love for photography began when he was a little boy growing up in the historic town of Bogor, which is known for its lovely botanical gardens. Yudha was given a small 35mm Nikon camera and as he explored and discovered the beautiful areas of West Java, he would take pictures of his experience.

Pop Culture Distortion: Paintings From Santi Miko

Looking like a mix between street art and the distorted work of Salvador Dali, graphic designer Santi Miko paints bold acrylic figures. Exploding out of his paintings are pop culture icons, classic and modern art references and plenty of fantastically flexible women. See more of this Yogyakarta, Indonesia based artists work on flickr.

Balinese Healing Resorts

Along the Ayung River and amidst vibrant green rice paddies in Bali lies a luxury resort with a twist. Instead of regular massages and spa treatments, Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa offers a truly exotic menu of services that includes work by Balians, or Balinese traditional healers. The retreat also offers sacred arts and serves vegan cuisine and living food. To top off the magic is an incredible property with flora bursting from every corner and architecture that begs to be admired.

Outdoor Education in a Bamboo Forest

Spiralling bamboo architecture, open air classrooms and lessons in sustainable agriculture are just a few of the elements that make Green School a visionary establishment that promises to inspire the way we teach in the future. While in Bali this January, I had the fortunate opportunity to tour the eco institute, which I had heard about through John Hardy’s TED Talk (see below). Exploring the grounds in person was incredible. I was blown away by his vision and more importantly, by his ability to transform his daring dream into reality.