New Creative Musings From the Imaginative Mind of Christoph Niemann

For some people 2 bananas are 2 bananas, but with some fixed perspective and markers to doodle with, Christoph Niemann transforms them into a horse’s backside. A master of turning ordinary objects into unexpected fun, the designer shares his daily inspiration on Instagram. A self-proclaimed “visual storyteller,” Niemann shows there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Desire to Fly: A Charming Stop-Motion Film Explores a Humorously Inventive Fairy World

There’s something innately humorous about inventing contraptions for fairies, and mixed-media artist Samantha Bryan will be the first to tell you. This charming stop-motion documentary, Desire to Fly, explores the artist’s preoccupation with imagining the activities and equipment required to be an upwardly mobile, hard working fairy – and in particular her fat bottomed variety. How would they make a living? What tools would they need?

Photoshop Wiz Dad Places His Adorable Daughters Into Crazy Adventures

IT director by day, Photographer/Photoshop Wizard Extraordinaire by night, John Wilhelm brings his imagination to life with the help of his 3 adorable daughters. At 5.5 years old, Lou is the big sister to toddler Mia (2.8 years old) and infant Yuna (6 months) and all 3 have been excellent participants in helping their daddy realize his wildest ideas. From a giant octopus attack during a scuba diving adventure in the bathtub to wild crocodiles stealing a camera, these girls have survived it all. Playing different roles, like an ancient spaghetti charmer, auto mechanics pumping up Mom’s belly, and Little Red Riding Hood seems to be a blast for these little ones.

Creativity Overload: Everyday Objects Re-imagined by Victor Nunes

There is more to most things than meets the eye and Victor Nunes is very good at discovering these things. Given any object, from foil pill packaging to pencil shavings, Nunes can come up with numerous new ways to transform them into something new. Combining simple sketches with 3d objects like food, matches, and scissors, inanimate pieces come to life. Nunes comes up with new quirky collections regularly, so follow him on Facebook for some daily creative inspiration.

Imaginative Pairings of Everyday Objects with Simple Illustrations by Javier Pérez

1 Javier Pérez

Sometimes everyday objects can have more than their intended purpose, especially when in the hands of creative artist Javier Pérez. Much like the works of Alex Solis, Perez layers simple objects with marker drawings to give them new life. Toothpicks can be miniature drumsticks, orange segments become lungs, and spaghetti noodles can rain down from the sky. The possibilities are endless and Perez seems to have no shortage of clever ideas, posting one of these creations almost every day on Instagram.

Alex Solis Combines Simple Illustrations With Everyday Objects to Tickle Your Funny Bone


Come along for a fantastic voyage into the creative mind of Alex Solis. The Chicago-based graphic designer not only makes detailed, colorful designs that you will love to cover your Pinterest board with, but he also shows his simpler side mixed with a clever sense of humor on his Instagram page. From spoons spooning to leafs leaving and rulers ruling, it seems he can look at any everyday object and find humor in it. He’s also quite handy with his hands, using them as props for his drawings and even to create the facial structure of all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Counting Sheep In Technicolor


Why do the most creative ideas come at night? Much of the psychology on the topic explains that parts of your brain responsible for processing new information will relax, allowing the more mysterious parts of your brain to run wild. 

Bedoodled: Where Reality Meets Imagination

1 bas waijers

Somewhere between the real world and our daydreams lies Bas Waijers’ Bedoodled series. The Brooklyn-based graphic designer, originally from the Netherlands, enhances his city photography with adorable little characters doodled in blue ink. From Clifford sized pets napping over an abandoned building, to monster bees buzzing above the trash cans, to shy guys hiding in the vents and rusted corners, Waijers brings ordinary photos into a fun, fantasy land. With his sketchbook in hand, as he goes about his life in NYC, Waijers imagines more lively versions of the reality before him and shares his fun, creative visions by sketching them out and inserting them into the original setting.

Visual Bits #311 > Letting The Imagination Fly High

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The Starter Upper: A Tool For Imagining New Start-Ups

One of the very best ways to come up with new ideas is by using the concept of ‘random association.’ By combining two or more apparently unrelated ideas, you come up with a third that really makes you think. That’s just what the folks at Vitamin T have created for us when it comes to creating a new start-up. By dragging a selection of two or three different attributes into their magic venn diagram Starter Upper, you not only get to jog your imagination about a random start-up idea (mobile + game mechanics + geo-location = Foursquare)… they even give you a catchy title for your new venture (catchiness does vary). Try it for yourself!