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As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration” – but what if you’d like to sweat a little less? Sometimes the most difficult part of a good idea isn’t coming up with the idea… it’s getting that idea executed and out in the real world where people can use it. These days any good project requires a strong visual aspect – from a website, blog or app, to mailers and business cards – and that can take loads of time. Enter, a subscription-based archive of stock graphics, images, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and more, that can seriously trim your workload while providing you with just the look you require… and they’re doing it with an important twist: unlimited downloads.

Surfing Was Better In The Seventies

Growing up in the late 60s, photographer Jeff Divine was a participant and witness to the young days of surfing, before mass popularity made an influence. Here we bring you a sampling of his beautiful photographs from the sunny 70s surf scene. Taken mostly in Hawaii and California (near his native La Jolla), these images capture the original look so emulated in the throwback photography of today.

An Astronaut Photographer’s View from Space

Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli has been all over the world, literally. As an Expedition 26/27 flight engineer, he went to the International Space Station last December and spent 159 days working on a variety of projects and experiments. In some of his limited free time, he was able to take some amazing photos of our planet and on his way back home, captured the first photograph of a space shuttle docked at the space station. Just before he left Paolo tweeted if anyone wanted to join him for pizza. Welcome home Paolo… and yes.

One Day One Photo

When Jonathan Harris turned 30 on August 27th 2009, he decided it was a year to capture his life: to catch memories in quick glimpses and hold on to them. Listening to Harris narratate the creative process of his one year project is touchingly intimate and gives one the feeling of going on the journey with him. Full screen this, give yourself a moment to reflect and appreciate the beauty of life.

The Up Close World of Pollen

Who knew that pollen, that perpetrator of the allergy season, could be so beautiful when looked at close up. Some of these recolored scanning microscope images look like tiny hedgehogs, others alike pieces of delicious fruit and still others could be pieces of coral. Next time you sneeze, remember something beautiful did it…

Captured in Color: A Survival Story From 1915

A mid winter glow in the Weddell Sea. Showing The Endurance in 1915.

Taken in 1915, these fantastic pictures are from the dawn of color photography, and from an astounding event during the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.” Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew where in the midst of one of the most incredible expeditions and subsequent survival stories of the last century… and managed to photograph much of it in color.

Visual Bits #28 > Dare to be Different

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Visual Bits #21 > 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Japan and those that have and will suffer from this horrible event.

The Distorted Bridges of Google Earth

Exploring connections between digital systems and art, Clement Valla has captured some very interesting shots from Google Earth. The images take advantage of the distortion created by the popular map programs terrain software, revealing bridges that look as if they have been bent under great weight, heat or the brush of Salvador Dali. See more great captures at

The Beauty of Vomiting Pandas & Flying Sharks

Shaman of the Rainbow Vomiting Pandas – © Derek Chatwood

Rainbow vomiting pandas? The sky taken over by flying sharks? This is the colorful and trippy world of Derek Chatwood. He has a talent for making bold illustrations that hold both humor and often an undercurrent of poniency that only adds to the full stories they tell. He produces his works with pencil and ink, drawing the outline freehand, then ‘paints’ the images using Photoshop. When he’s not at his day job as a video game designer and illustrator he says “whatever collects in the mental filter over the week of media saturation, I spend my weekend trying to squeeze back out onto paper.” It would seem his weeks are saturated with pure Technicolor brilliance.