Alphabet Illustrations Play with Form and Meaning

London based illustrator, Maggie Li, has created 5 excellent posters that experiment with the form and meaning behind the alphabet. Some play with possible interpretations behind each letter usage while other examples are visually abstract and push the limits of font legibility, only finding clarity in their whole 26 letter form.

To see more of her playful illustrations follow her on Twitter, check out her blog or see her website

Mixed Reviews: 20 Famous Drinks from the Movies

Whether it be the White Russian of The Big Lebowski, the Milk Plus of A Clockwork Orange or the rufilin laced drink of the Hangover, like no other prop these libations made their respective films unforgettable. Using movie beverages as their muse, the team over at Moxy Creative House have designed 21 posters featuring these iconic drinks. They are simple, bold and tasty. Bottoms up!

The Unpredictability of the iPad: Infographic

Before the release of the Apples iPad, the media world was abuzz with predictions about potential sales… would it hit 2, 3 or 5 million sold? Proving that the success of new technology is hard to judge, not a single outlet, be they professional analysts’ or tech bloggers, predicted the explosive growth of this touch screen wonder.

Based on a TechCrunch story, we bring you a VisualNews exclusive infograph. Click the image below for a full-size view.

The X-Men Family Tree: Infographic

Ok, X-Men fans… we’re throwing down a challenge: Can you name each and every mutant in this genealogy of the ‘uncanny’ crew? Can you find Juggernaut? Pretty easy. Rogue? Iceman? Unless you’ve been locked up in your poster covered bedroom for the last 20 years, this is going to take all of your mutant powers.
Not up to the task? Here are some answers from Redditor deathbearbrown.

Clever Graphics That Make You Think

Using everything from clever phases to his favorite movies for inspiration, Uppsala, Sweden based designer Viktor Hertz has a flare for tasty, smart and simple design. Frequently his creations rework everyday symbols and shapes, modifying the original meaning or reinterpreting them completely with new and surprising results. To order prints of some of his work, visit his page on or to keep up to date on his work follow him on flickr or twitter.

The 4 Icon Challenge: Movie Posters

Kyle Tezak really enjoys the art of creating icons. Intriqued by the challenge of distilling information down to a small image, composed of a few simple lines. “That is what’s so great about icons, they’re tiny poems,” he says. Recently he’s challenged himself to creating representations of his favorite books, movies and historical events, using only 4 icons. His results are spartan, legible and eye-catching.

Check back by Kyle Tezak’s website, because he’s promising more icon challenges in the near future.

NFL Parody Shirts: Bring the Rivalry!

Football rivalries have never looked so good! Graphic artist Jon Defreest mocked up some clever t-shirts that will surely get some attention from Dolphins, Broncos, or Bills fans… make sure to have tough looking friends with you at all times while wearing these.

Deftbeat Makes Candy Coated Vector Graphics

Splashing vibrant color across the screen with deft strokes, Jejomar Limbo (aka Deftbeat) makes candy-sweet pop art illustrations that stick to the eye. Deftbeat is a vexel/vector artist from the Philippines who has an absolutely stunning portfolio, demonstrating just how much impact vexel artwork can have. To see more of his work, check out his chock full deviantart profile or see

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