Conceptual Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni

Making ideas work - Strategy + business

Francesco Bongiorni is an Italian freelance illustrator whose clients have included the New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Business Week. Based in Madrid,  Francesco creates minimalist, conceptual illustrations that are often used to enhance an article, book, or other published work. Recently, Bongiorni completed a book cover design for the book  Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Visual Bits #395 > The Dude Abides: Media Art

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Simón Prades Illustrates Animals Hidden in the Woods

Simon Prades Loup in the woods 2

Simón Prades has been walking in the woods a lot recently. It’s a good place to clear your mind, spend some quiet time and come up with new ideas. This January the well known illustrator decided to focus a new series around these walks, paying special attention to the seasons of the forest and the contrasts between light and shadow. In his just released series of three drawings, Loup, he explores these contrasts with positive and negative space, subtly and beautifully revealing the animals of the forest in the detritus of the leaf covered floor and swaying branches of the trees above.

Visual Bits #385 > Make It, Mix It, Mash It: Movie Art

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Visual Bits #384> Keep It Cool: Illustrations & Music

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Rán Flygenring’s Charming Life, Illustrated

ran flygenring drawings 14

Charming. It was the word that came to mind when we ran across the work of Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator Rán Flygenring and her improvisational, doodling style of drawing and watercolor. She captures her nomadic lifestyle on small pieces of paper, coloring a beautiful world of interesting people, tasty food and worldwide travel.

Visual Bits #378> V-Day:Sugar & Spice…Everything Nice?

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Visual Bits #372> My Heart Thumps For Illustrations

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Superman Re-Skinned as Other Pop-Icons

Mike Mitchell Superman Re-Skinned 1

Perhaps the most famous of all Superman imagery comes, not surprisingly, from his very first comic features. The cover of Superman #6 featured a smiling hero, his radiant face looking out on a world he was happy and generous enough to save. It’s classic Americana to the max. When artist Mike Mitchell recently took on the iconic image, he gave it everything but a new face – “re-skinning” Superman with the clothing of pop-culture icons far and wide, old and new.

Visual Bits #370> The Surreality Of The Situation

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