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Daniel and the Amazing Technicolor Igloo: A DIY Guide

Technicolor Igloo 1

Meeting your partner’s parents can be scary. Lots of questions to make sure you’re good enough for their child, little tests to discover your weaknesses, etc. But for New Zealander Daniel Gray, his engineering expertise was put to the test with a project thoroughly thought out by his girlfriend’s mother who they were visiting in Edmonton, Canada for the holidays. The mother, Brigid Burton, did not want Dan to be bored during the visit, so she began creating colorful ice blocks made by freezing water and food coloring in recycled milk cartons long before the couple arrived. She challenged Gray to create a rainbow igloo, thinking it would be an impossible task, and in exchange she would grant him permission to marry her daughter, Kathleen Starrie.

Cool Igloo Hotel in Finland


The Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland is one the nicest hotels in cold climates one can visit. Every igloo is provided with a clear glass ceiling which allows guests to gaze at the beautiful northern lights and stars, all while relaxing comfortably in their warm room.

An Igloo Made of Old Refrigerators

In a much warmer climate and involving no Eskimos, a large igloo was recently built in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. The project is the work of German artist Ralf Schmerberg who used no ice but instead 312 refrigerators to build the huge domed structure.