Icelandic Twin Girls in Beautiful & Haunting Photographs by Ariko Inaoka

Every year since 2009, identical twins Erna and Hrefna are visited by Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka at their home in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. Spending 3 or 4 weeks with them each summer, Inaoka’s beautiful and surreal images capture the growing girls and their wonderfully unique relationship with each other–which sometimes borders on the telepathic.

This Drone Flew So Close to a Volcano, The Camera Melted

volcano 2

Not long ago, getting close-up footage of a volcano’s fiery caldera meant donning a silver heat protective suit and risking your life. Now, it only risks your gear. Drone company DJI recently sent their team to Iceland, along with director of aerial imaging, Eric Cheng. There he flew one of their Phantom 2’s so close to the erupting volcano Bardarbunga that the front of the camera melted.

Wood You Wear It? Geometric Clothing Made with Faceted Wood

Many of the fabrics we wear are made of large materials… from examples as different as fluffy cotton and long sticks of bamboo… preferably broken into very tiny pieces. But what about wearing your fiber in larger chunks? That’s a bit like what’s happening with this fashionable design collaboration employing faceted pieces of wood to form stylish men’s clothing.

Aerial Photographs or Abstract Paintings? Andre Ermolaev Captures Stunning Icelandic Rivers from Above

It’s hard to believe now, but at the beginning of the photographic era there was a heated debate about whether photographs should be considered ‘fine art’. Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev’s work would have settled that argument conclusively. His images capture the volcanic rivers of Iceland from far above, revealing nature created washes of color that could easily be found on an abstract painters canvas.

Rán Flygenring’s Charming Life, Illustrated

ran flygenring drawings 14

Charming. It was the word that came to mind when we ran across the work of Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator Rán Flygenring and her improvisational, doodling style of drawing and watercolor. She captures her nomadic lifestyle on small pieces of paper, coloring a beautiful world of interesting people, tasty food and worldwide travel.

Star Wars Invades Reykjavik

Intergalactic battle isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about Reykjavik, Iceland… especially when you consider the governments recent precedent setting pushes for global transparency and freedom of speech… but don’t tell designer Sig Vicious that. He’s created a series of 10 images which capture the peaceful city under crazy assault by Snowspeeders, AT-ATs, AT-STs, X-Wings… just about all the war hardware from the first Star Wars movies. It’s all out war in black and white (bonus points if you spot the Challenger explosion in one of these images).

Nature’s Art in the Ice


Over the course of thousands of years and incredible pressure, glaciers manage to press the air out of the ice that forms them. In Iceland, caves showcase the art of mother nature with crystal like ice forming incredible caverns that allow light to shine inside like natural prisms. For the brave photographers that make their way inside these caves, the sounds of ice cracking and moving is a constant sign that these beautiful formations could collapse at any minute… a sobering reminder that some photographers have died trying to capture these phenomena.

Interactive Hand-Drawn Map of Central Reykjavík

Whether it’s remote far-away places, strikingly majestic scenery or creative music unlike any other, Iceland has a lot of reasons to beckon you… and this new hand-drawn map brings its capital city to life with a perfect fit for the beautiful country. Illustrated from an elevated isometric view, the colorful map features central Reykjavík, population 120,000, and covers a surprisingly large area of the small city, from the new Harpa Concert Hall (which will soon feature James Taylor, Elvis Costello and a production of La Bohème) to the cities iconic Church of Hallgrímur… it’s all here, and it’s interactive too!

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Iceland is Beautiful and Trey Ratcliff Knows It

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild

If you’re anything like the folks here at VisualNews, you’ve had a trip to Iceland high on your list for a while. As inspiration, we bring you a series of beautiful HDR photos from artist Trey Ratcliff. If that’s not enough to convince you, see the giddy Iceland promo video at the bottom… we’ve been dancing along for months!