Strangely Tasty: Retro Video of Ice Cream (Un)Melting

It’s common knowledge that things get way cooler in slow motion… but what about speeding stuff up in reverse?? That’s what Lullatone, a super happy lo-fi musical duo have done for the video of their latest single. Did we mention ice cream? The retro feast that plays out before our eyes features ice cream “(un)melting” in reverse. A melted banana split grows back into its tasty solid form before our eyes; and a red, white and blue popsicle jumps back onto the stick. It’s all done to the tasty summer tunes of Lullatone set against a grainy vintage film aesthetic.

Life is like ice cream, eat it before it melts.

Life is like ice cream, eat it before it melts. One lick at a time. That’s what Alexandra L Plesner believes. From a young age, she has been an ice cream enthusiast. Who hasn’t? But her penchant for ice cream was passed down through five generations of running a well-known family owned an ice cream shop in Austria. To pay an homage to the family business while pursuing her artistic side, she founded an artist collective in London dedicated to ice cream, which she believes is a symbol of life’s fragility. Here she works as creative project manager. The goal? “I Scream Factory explores perceptions of life through the medium of ice cream by delving into the metaphoric possibilities of the product.”