Home in on 4 Centuries of American House Architecture

America has had a long and storied history when it comes to where we call “home”. From the European inspired architecture of the 17th century, to 19th century Craftsman homes, or the “McMansions” of the ‘90s the continual evolution of American house design speaks to our roots and our vision for the future. Pop Chart Lab recently released a print on this theme, The Architecture of American Houses, which sorts over 4 centuries of architecture into 7 major categories (from Colonial to Neo-Eclectic), and 40 subdivisions. It’s fantastically rich on details.

Real Estate Broker Gives Tours of House… From a Hand-Built Roller Coaster

If you thought buying a house had its ups and downs, this real estate broker will really give you a ride. He built a miniature roller coaster through a house he’s selling in Ermelo, Netherlands, giving potential buyers a thrill filled tour of the house complete with recorded highlights of its features. They do say people buy on an emotional high…

A Magically Colorful House in the Woods

Over the past few years artist Kat O’Sullivan (aka “Katwise”) has been transforming her Woodstock, New York home into a rainbow of crazy colors. I don’t even think we’ve seen a cartoon this bright before, but strangely enough, it fits into the natural landscape wonderfully. The place is now surrounded by wildflowers and appropriately called “Calico”.

What’s in a Home? Surrealist Architecture Paintings

Stephen Nova Paintings 1

Stephen Nova’s paintings look like the work of an architect gone wild. Classic cottages sit perched atop unnervingly tall scaffolding and impossible (and often treacherous) landscapes. This is no place for a home… but that’s the point here: many of Nova’s most recent works are based around the idea that we live in a “ global age of increasing uncertainty and economic instability.” What rickety foundations hold up our current homes? From the money needed to support them, to the increasingly shaky concept of home itself, we live in changing times.

Home SWEET Home- A House Made of Caramelized Sugar

William Lamson 1

People who live in glass houses… probably never had a glass house made of sugar like this one. By caramelizing sugar at different temperatures, William Lamson was able to produce an array of colors, which he used like stained glass window panes for this beautiful Solarium. The one-room “house” was assembled at Storm King Art Center- one of the world’s leading sculpture parks in upstate New York. Surrounded by beautiful hills and trees in the distance on each side, the space was meant to be a meditative, plant conservatory/ zen garden that encourages reflection.

Cramped Hong Kong Apartments from Above

Hong Kong Appartments from Above 3

For people living in the west, it’s hard to imagine anyone living in an apartment this small. We think a small New York loft cleverly designed to make use of all its 200 square feet is impressive and maybe even attractive… but how about these cramped apartments in Hong Kong? Many of us have closets this size.

10 Unusual Homes around the world


All around the world there are many “unique” places to call home. Some people live in caves, sailboats, and apartments 7000 feet above sea level. As one travels across the planet, one sees the nearly unlimited range of places people call home. As one travels across the Internet, one can discover some of the most crazy examples out there.

A Real-Life Hobbit Home in Pennsylvania

Hobbit Home 1

Ever since seeing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and now the new Hobbit movie, people have wanted Hobbit homes. It’s hard to imagine a dwelling with more natural cozy appeal than the little homes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novels. Round front doors, low ceilings, and curved woodworking galore; these places blend in with their natural surroundings, providing a place many people would be seriously happy to come home to. Now architect Peter Archer has created a Hobbit inspired home for life-long J.R.R. Tolkien fans in Pennsylvania, one which channels the beauty and spirit of the low-set homes, while providing a practical space to enjoy.

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From Below: Room Photographs From a Floors View

The unusual photographic work of German photographer Michael H. Rohde gives us a highly unique perspective of the indoor world… from the floor up. As if you’d laid down on the floor of a home and slowly sunk into the floor, his images capture rooms “From Below,” as the series is titled. His images are disorientating in their unusual viewpoint, making our eyes struggle to make sense of a rarely seen perspective.