Bee Keeping Artist Creates A Beeswax World Map

If there’s one person who knows how to mind his own beeswax, it’s Chinese artist Ren Ri. The beekeeper/artist “manipulates the movement of bees and the formation of honeycombs to create metaphysical and hybrid sculptures, which investigate the force of nature and consequences of human intervention (Press Release).” In his latest body of work, Yuansu I: The Origin of Geometry, Ri sculpts honeycombs into the shapes of the continents, using wire and a wooden frame. He created a world map as well as some individual countries. He has been working with bees as a beekeeper since 2006 and began using beeswax as an art medium in more recent years.

Towering Hong Kong Buildings From Below


Hong Kong is a city of many towers, so much so that often it can be hard to see the sky as the massive buildings consume much of it. Photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze decided to create a series of photographs capturing the many buildings from the perspective of a small human looking up.

Dangerously Close to the Edge: Fearless Self-Portraits


Those seriously afraid of heights may want to look away. Photographer Ahn Jun goes to great heights, literally, to get the most perfect shots for her death defying series titled “Self-Portrait.” Although it would be fairly simple to photoshop a project like this, the artist insists that these are the real deal. The Korean photographer has been adding on to this collection since 2008, making her way to some of the tallest buildings in New York City, Hong Kong, and Seoul. To get the best picture, the fearless Jun sets up her camera to drive mode then gets in position and chooses the shot where she looks the most at ease or aggressive- never fearful.

Cramped Hong Kong Apartments from Above

Hong Kong Appartments from Above 3

For people living in the west, it’s hard to imagine anyone living in an apartment this small. We think a small New York loft cleverly designed to make use of all its 200 square feet is impressive and maybe even attractive… but how about these cramped apartments in Hong Kong? Many of us have closets this size.

Hong Kong High-Rise Photography


Hong Kong is a fascinating place that has historically been known for its strong economic power. With a land area of 426 square miles and a population of seven million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Bridging the Gap: New Illustrations from Victo Ngai

The lovely illustrations of Victo Ngai bridge the gap between classic chinese art and modern publishing in the western world. Perhaps that’s because her life has bridged that gap as well. Born in Hong Kong and now residing in New York, as she puts it “‘Victo’ is not a boy nor a typo, but a nickname derived from Victoria – a leftover from the British colonization.”

Mapped: City Hot Spots for Locals and Tourists

Looking for a locals bar in a popular city? Look no further than these maps, which plot the places locals and tourists frequent. Taking the images submitted to the Geotaggers World Atlas and placing them on the map colored based on the length that person has been in the city, these images give a good idea of where locals and tourists visit. It’s also a handy travel reference to see what quiet spots still exist in these popular places.

Kowloon Walled City: Pictures and Cross Section

At one time, one of the most densely populated areas on Earth, Kowloon, was a walled city within Hong Kong. It was unregulated by the then-ruling British authorities, who reluctantly allowed it as the only Chinese settlement. It was a no man’s land because of this; run by the Chinese mafia and filled with brothels, sweat shops, illegal hospitals, and trashy eateries.